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1st April 2018

Added the "Big Picture" for April.


28th March 2018

Started the 'Dino Super Charge' dvd page in the 'Official Merchandise' section with Volume 1.


26th March 2018

Added the Jungle Fury book 'Awesome Colouring' to the 'Official Merchandise' section.
Added the Megaforce book 'Annual 2014' to the 'Official Merchandise' section.
Started the Super Megaforce book page in the 'Official Merchandise' section with the 'Activity Pack'.

Added lots of book preview images to the 'Official Merchandise' section.


5th March 2018

Added the Dino Super Charge Volume 2 dvd release date to the 'Home Release Dates' page.


4th March 2018

Added the 2 Mighty Morphin books to the 'Official Merchandise' section: 'All Fear The Pharaoh' and 'Mind Over Magic'.


1st March 2018

Added the "Big Picture" for March.


9th February 2018

All Mighty Morphin Morphathon 08 promos and bumpers are recoded and back online, including 3 new bumpers.


1st February 2018

Added the "Big Picture" for February.


21st January 2018

New Zeoranger logo added to the main page.


17th January 2018

Added the two special episodes to the Ninja Steel "UK Episode Cuts" section.


11th January 2018

Added the 'Ninja Steel 8-in-1 Games Tin' to the 'Activity / Games / Puzzles' page of the 'Official Merchandise' section.


1st January 2018

Added the "Big Picture" for January.


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