24th December 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Christmas Day Marathon

Nicktoons will be showing Power Rangers Samurai from 6am to 11pm on christmas day tomorrow, Thats 17 hours of Samurai action.

They will be starting with the episode "The Team Unites" and will go all the way upto "Broken Dreams", thats the first 17 episodes then

they will repeat them all again from 2:30pm.


28th November 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Cinema Party

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On Saturday 26 November there was a screening party for the Power Rangers Samurai season finale held at the Curzon Cinema in London's Soho.

The gold and red samurai rangers were there to watch the special episode with the children. Special guests included TV personality Nell Mc Andrews

and her family plus Stacey Solomanís son and father. To see more photos from the event please visit our Samurai Photo Gallery.

Remember to tune into Nickelodeon on Friday 2nd December at 5pm to see the Power Rangers Samurai two part series finale (Origins).


*UPDATE* 15 November 2011

11th November 2011

Power Rangers Samurai head to Pleasure Beach Blackpool

The Power Rangers are bursting back on to our screens with the all new Power Rangers Samarai on Nickelodeon. To celebrate,

the Power Rangers are heading to the UKís favourite amusement park, Nickelodeon Land at Pleasure Beach Blackpool on Saturday

12th November to meet and greet with fans of the hit show. 
Those wanting to meet with the action heroes need to drop by Nickelodeon Land, a new 6 acre area at Pleasure Beach home to

12 amazing rides and attractions. Saturday 12th November is made extra special as not only will the park be hosting the Power Rangers Samurai,

but itís also the last Saturday that the whole park is open to the public! 
Guests will get the chance to meet the Power Rangers Samurai, as well as rubbing shoulders with SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer

and many other Nickelodeon characters. Whats more, arrive dressed as your favourite Ranger and receive a free Nickelodeon goody bag.

All Wristbands to the park are buy one get one free when booked online at

*UPDATE* To see photos from Blackpool please visit our Samurai Photo Gallery.
Watch the Brand new Series of Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon HD.


19th October 2011

Power Rangers Visit London

-TV heroes celebrate smash new TV show by taking on the capital-

London commuters were stunned last week when the Power Rangers hit the city to mark their 18th year and the return of the kids favourite

TV show on Nickeloden. The five super heroes took to the streets of London to cement their status as cultural icons with a series spanning

nearly two decades on our TV screens. The red, pink, blue, green and yellow stars were spotted around the capital with sightings at the

Tower of London, the London Eye, Oxford Circus, the Millennium Bridge, Abbey Road and even on the tube. The Power Rangers were

on hand to protect the capital and to celebrate the success of the 18th series, Power Rangers Samurai. The series is now one of

Nickelodeon's most successful live action shows.

Tina McCann, Nickelodeon UK Managing Director says, "The new series of Power Rangers Samurai has been very successful for

Nickelodeon and itís great to be able to re-energise the love for the characters, which we saw back in the early 90ís. We are thrilled

to be celebrating the triumphant return of Power Rangers Samurai to the channel by bringing the characters themselves to London."
To see more photos from London please visit our Samurai Photo Gallery.

Watch Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon & Nicktoons.

25th August 2011

Power Rangers Visit Westfield!
-Summer Holiday Fun With Kids Tv Favourites-

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The Power Rangers made a special appearance at The Entertainer Toy Store in Westfield Shopping Centre on Wednesday 24th August,

including the famous Red Ranger! Children had their photos taken with their rangers and learnt a few of the Power Rangers moves!

There was also an in store competition to give away selected merchandise!
Don't forget to catch Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon HD Saturdays to Wednesdays at 3pm and repeats at 4pm!

Plus if you are out and about across the country the Power Rangers will also be making special appearances at other Entertainer toy stores,

check out the for more information. "Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!"


11th August 2011

As all of us who are long term ranger fans will know, Power Rangers Samurai is back in the hands of it's original creator's

Saban. It's good to see the Saban name on the show's logo again. Just watching the Bulk and Spike scenes in Samurai

remind me of the funny Bulk and Skull scenes from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Check out the new Samurai Photo Gallery for some great images, and remember to watch Samurai on

Saturdays to Wednesdays at 3pm on Nickelodeon with repeats at 4pm on Nick Replay.


14th July 2011

Aaron Cook, British Taekwondo Champion

With the Samurai toys now available in the UK, the range was launched by one of Britainís most promising London 2012 Olympic hopefuls

who was transformed into a giant action figure to become a real-life Power Ranger toy. Aaron Cook, 20, the current British Taekwondo Champion

and a strong contender for a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics, is the only person outside of the TV show to wear the iconic red suit.
To mark the occasion Cook was exhibited in a giant 3 metre by 1.5 metre replica toy box at Westfield shopping centre (on Friday 1st July) in

front of hundreds of Olympic fans. Check out the video.


29th April 2011

Sky Tv's official tv listings site has the following times for the sneak peek of the "first" episode of Samurai:

MON 2nd May 10am Nickelodeon & HD
MON 2nd May 11am Nick Replay
MON 2nd May 12pm Nicktoons
MON 2nd May 1pm Nicktoons Replay
MON 2nd May 4pm Nickelodeon & HD
MON 2nd May 5pm Nick Replay Replay

Its also lists the following dates:
Wed 4th May 5:30pm Nickelodeon & HD
Wed 4th May 6:30pm Nick Replay
Thu 5th May 3:30pm Nickelodeon & HD
Thu 5th May 4:30pm Nick Replay


27th April 2011

The official power rangers site has now announced that during the week starting 30th May, Samurai will air every weekday at 9am.


19th April 2011

The official power rangers site announced today that Power Rangers Samurai will premiere in the UK on

Saturday 7th May at 9:30am (on Nickelodeon).


25th February 2011

In the March issue of the Sky Tv Magazine it says Power Rangers Samurai will air in the UK every weekday

from Monday 7th of March at 7:30am and 4:30pm on Nicktoons, Channel 606. Date subject to change.

*Update 7th March* Samurai did not air today.


1st October 2010

The new 2011 series will be called Power Rangers Samurai, check out the Official website at for

a look at the rangers and the logo.


9th July 2010

The price of the latest issue of the Official Power Rangers Magazine (77) has went up again, this time to £2.75.

Next issue is to be a mega issue and will cost even more with a price of £3.99. The issue with feature things to

cut out and make and comes with a toy sword (which looks exactly the same as the one that came with issue 59).

The mega issue 78 will be out on Wednesday 4th of August for £3.99.


28th May 2010

It looks like DisneyXD have removed all traces of Power Rangers from their schedule as there are no

episodes airing next week whatsoever. This will be due to the fact that the show's original creator Saban has

bought back the rights and is planning to make 20 episodes that will air on Nicktoons in the US.

Saban has also signed a deal with Namco Bandai to make new Power Rangers videogames,


29th April 2010

The price of the latest issue of the Official Power Rangers Magazine (74) has went up to £2.25,

Issue 75 is also scheduled to be £2.25 when it comes out on Wednesday 19th of May.


30th January 2010

From Monday 1st February DisneyXD will be airing double episodes of Power Rangers RPM every weekday

at 10am starting with the new episode "Ancient History".


24th January 2010

Issue 70 of the Official Power Rangers Magazine is now available and is the first under the RPM name. There have been

a few good changes made that include having all 8 pages of the comic together instead of split in two (The last issue to do this was

issue 3 way back in June 2005), this means the comic is no longer on the back of the poster so you can take the poster out and

keep the complete comic aswell. Another good thing is the use of more real photos instead of artwork as this issue features a

promo photo of the actors (which I believe is a first) who play Scott (Ranger Red) and Colonel Truman.

New RPM episodes next weekend on DisneyXD are "The Dome Dolls" on Saturday 30th at 6am then "AndÖ Action" on

Sunday 31st also at 6am. Remember both are replayed advert free later the same day at 1:15am.


22nd January 2010

Another two new RPM episodes this weekend on DisneyXD starting with "Heroes Among Us" on Saturday 23rd at 6am

then "Not So Simple" on Sunday 24th also at 6am. Remember both are replayed advert free later the same day at 1:15am.


15th January 2010

Two new RPM episodes this weekend on DisneyXD starting with "Belly of the Beast" on Saturday 16th at 6am

(replays at 1:15am) and "Three's a Crowd" on Sunday 17th at 6am (also replays at 1:15am).

Both episodes are also replayed back to back on Wednesday 20th at 10am. The 1:15am replays have no adverts.


7th January 2010

A new episode of Power Rangers RPM titled "Prisoners" will air Sunday 10th January at 6am on DisneyXD.

This will be the first ever all new episode to be shown on DisneyXD, until now they've just been replaying

the old episodes that were on Jetix last year.




17th September 2009

The next issue of the Power Rangers magazine (66) is to be a mega issue that comes with a crossbow and

a huge double sided poster featuring photos of Power Rangers RPM instead of the usual comic artwork,

Lets hope they don't change it when it comes out on the 14th October for the mega issue price of £2.99.


1st September 2009

Disney XD will air double episodes of Power Rangers RPM at its normal time of 7am on weekends with

more double episodes every night at 12:30am, yes thats half an hour after midnight.


23rd August 2009

To celebrate the 4 years and 8 months of Jetix UK we've started the Jetix Show Intros section.

Currently it features 13 intros for download with more being added at a later date.


14th August 2009

This month's issue of Jetix Magazine (68) is the last ever as next issue it will be renamed to Nitro!. 

It looks like it will be a bit different as it's to feature other tv shows, lets hope they keep power rangers in it.

Jetix Magazine was launched on the 9th of September 2004 and ran for almost five years.

Visit the Jetix Magazine section for info on all 68 issues.


1st August 2009

It has been announced that Jetix UK will be renamed to Disney XD on August 31. The channel will include live action movies,

animated shows and sports coverage from the Disney-owned ESPN channel. Debuting on Disney XD will be the excellent live action

adventure series Aaron Stone from the executive producer of Power Rangers SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury.

Shows currently running on Jetix that will continue on Disney XD include Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, Kid vs Kat, Jimmy Two-Shoes,

Pokťmon Battle Dimension and Phil of the Future. Shows from the Disney channel that will be on Disney XD are Phineas and Ferb

and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The channel will also have a regular Monday movie slot. Visit the official Disney XD site.


5th July 2009

Power Rangers magazine issue 63 will be a mega issue with a colouring pull-out and a water blaster.

On sale Wednesday 22nd of July for £2.99.


23rd May 2009

A new episode of R.P.M titled 'Ranger Yellow Part One' airs Monday 25th of May at 5pm on Jetix.

Also starting on Monday at 8am they will be showing two repeats of R.P.M and will continue to show

double episodes every weekday at this time.

In the latest issue of Jetix Magazine (65) they printed a photo from a later episode of R.P.M that contains a big spoiler,

see the photo HERE.


10th May 2009

From issue 60 of the power rangers magazine the price has gone up by 16p, now making it £2.15.


14th April 2009

In the new issue (59) of the power rangers magazine they do something that they never did on the show,

In the Jungle Fury comic strip they show all three rangers wearing their suits without their helmets on.


12th April 2009

Jetix repeated the first episode of R.P.M today and this time they didn't cut off the ending,

they did however play the version with the end credits over the picture at the end. 


6th April 2009

When Jetix aired the first episode of Power Rangers R.P.M on Saturday they cut off the last few

seconds of the show in which Dillon says "Whats a Power Ranger?".


28th March 2009

The first episode of Power Rangers R.P.M will air on Saturday 4th of April at 8:00am on Jetix.

Get the Jetix Premiere Weekend promo from the Jetix Misc UK Promos section.




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