17 December 2023

Trace Vault ends broadcast.

On Thursday 14th of December Trace Vault ended it's broadcast on Sky (channel 360).

I would like to thank Trace Vault not only for the past year and a half of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers daily airings but

also the specials they created for the show including getting Rocky the red ranger Steve Cardenas to appear in the studio.

You can check out all of their promos and bumps at our Mighty Morphin UK Promos page.


28 August 2023

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is 30 today!

First aired in the US on the 28th of August in 1993 and followed shortly here in the UK. The amazing thing is that

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is still being broadcast on tv today thanks to Trace Vault on Sky Channel 360.

Check out our Power Rangers Day Promos.


2nd May 2023

Mighty Morphin 1 Year Anniversary on Trace Vault.

Today is the 1 year Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Ranges airing on Trace Vault (Sky channel 360). That's right a whole

year of multiple episodes airing daily showing all three seasons including the Alien Rangers episodes with a catch up marathon

on the weekends. Trace Vault also produced three brand new specials featuring Rocky the red ranger himself Steve Cardenas

selecting his favourite music videos (Morphinominal Hits), Mighty Morphin best bits and sitting down for a chat (Trace Talks).

The team at Trace Vault have created over 20 amazing promos and loads of bumpers for themed events such as Halloween,

Christmas and Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson's Birthday. You can check them out at our Mighty Morphin UK Promos page.




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