24th September 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury Christmas Special to air on 30th September on Pop.

The Christmas special episode of Dino Fury is listed on Pop's official website for Thursday the 30th of September at 6pm.

This means we won't have to wait about three months to see it like we had to do with previous seasons.

Plus episode 21 is listed to air the day before (29th September) also at 6pm.


29th August 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury to air at 6pm on Pop.

Pop have announced that Dino Fury will air every day at 6pm, But it looks like new episodes will
only air on weekdays as episode 1 is scheduled to re-air on Saturday 4th September. 


23th August 2021

Pop Celebrates Power Rangers Day.

Pop are celebrating Power Rangers Day on Saturday 28th August starting at 10:30am

with an episode of Dino Super Charge (113) followed by six episodes of

Super Ninja Steel (106-111) and ending with an episode of Beast Morphers (218).

Check out the short Power Rangers Day promo on our YouTube channel here.

Also check out the first full Dino Fury promo on our YouTube channel here.


14th August 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury starts in September on Pop.

Pop will start airing Power Rangers Beast Morphers in Septemper. This was revealed in Pop's Power Up Promo that aired today.

Check it out on our YouTube channel here.





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