28th October 2012

Power Rangers Mystic Force Now on Kix!

Kix are now showing Mystic Force everyday at 5:30pm.


20th October 2012

Power Rangers Mystic Force Coming Soon to Kix!

Kix are running a Mystic Force sneak peek promo but haven't announced an official start date yet,

but it is believed that this will be Saturday 27th October at 5:30pm. We'll just have to wait and see.


14th October 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Volume 1 dvd Coming Soon!

Volume 1 is due for release on 29th October and is titled "The Team Unites", it features the first five episodes including the real two

episode pilot "Origins" and as a bonus "Clash of the Red Rangers: The Movie" is also included. Visit our Samurai dvd section for more.


20th September 2012

Saban Brands Acquires

Saban Brands the owner of Power Rangers has acquired the fun website for kids The site allows children to access a large library

of videos and online games and features a safe, social media experience for kids where they can develop a personal profile page with their

own avatar, “like,” “vote” and “favorite” content, access games and add friends with no open messaging. The content available is reviewed

and approved by an advisory board of parents and teachers, and added to the company’s proprietary white list. The Zui editorial staff also

review and add access to new content each month to keep it fresh and engaging for kids.


6th August 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai Starts This Sunday!

On Sunday 12th August Nickelodeon will start to air Power Rangers Super Samurai at 8:30am,

Check out the promos at our Super Samurai UK promos page.


23rd June 2012

Bandai Security Cat Protects Samurai Christmas Stock

Goto the Samurai Photo GalleryGoto the Samurai Photo GalleryGoto the Samurai Photo Gallery

Millie the security cat has today taken up her post at a toy warehouse in Southampton. The bengal cat will guard the UK’s most popular

and best-selling toy ranges being delivered ahead of the Christmas rush. The iconic collection of toys including Ben 10, Power Rangers

and ThunderCats have been placed under security in the Bandai warehouse. With deliveries coming in thick and fast ahead of the stock

being shipped to retailers across the country, the toy company felt the need to step up security. 
The feisty feline was spotted around the factory and was hired immediately for her sentry qualities. Often described as having similar

personality to dogs, Millie the Bengal, along with her excellent climbing abilities, hearing and loud purr, made the perfect security guard.

Millie has now put paw to paper and will be paid in cat food and fish at the factory, with a pet care clause in the contract.
All three toy ranges placed under security are predicted Christmas best sellers - with Power Rangers selling over ten million action figures

since its launch in 1994 and toy sales surpassing the £300 million mark in that time. Plus, with the Ben 10 toys having sold well over 6 million

action figures in the last 5 years, this is a job taken seriously. 
Millie’s owner comments: "Millie has always had a very vigilant personality and doesn’t mind long hours alone. I’m not surprised she

took up a career as a security guard - the toys are lucky to have such an attentive guardian." A spokesperson for Bandai said:

"We are expecting a bumper year this Christmas with orders starting to fly in from retailers putting in their requests, including new boys

action toy releases for Ben 10 and Power Rangers. With the appointment of Millie the security cat, our toys are now very well protected."

Check out the full range at, and on Facebook and Twitter for more fun.


10th June 2012

Power Rangers SPD coming to Kix!

Starting on 23rd June Kix will air Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta.

Check their official site for more info and a great promo.


10th May 2012

Bandai Red Samurai Ranger Limited Edition Figure Competition!

Over at the Official Bandai UK Facebook page they're running a competition to win a limited edition red

samurai ranger figure, to enter just visit the Competition page on Facebook.


1st May 2012

New episodes of Power Rangers Samurai!

Nickelodeon will air new episodes on Monday 7th of May starting with "Party Monsters" at 9am (repeated at 4pm).

Following it are two more new episodes without descriptions, but going by their latest Promo 20 it looks like it will be

the "Clash of the Red Rangers" special in two parts.


21st April 2012

All New Power Rangers Samurai Magazine out now!

Just released on the 19th of April this new 36 page monthly magazine features a 10 page comic strip,

details on the rangers and their zords, puzzles, quizzes, activities, a competition and a double sided poster.

Also comes with two free gifts: A Samurai Tribal Shooter and 24 Stickers. Price £2.99.

For more info please visit the Official Magazine site. Or visit our PR Magazine 2012 section.

*UPDATE 5th May* Thanks to Aron for letting us know about this, If your having trouble finding a copy of the

magazine then goto where you can buy one issue or subscribe.


26th March 2012

Power Rangers Dino Thunder starts this Saturday!

According to the official Sky Guide website, Dino Thunder is to start this Saturday (March 31)

with a double bill at 4pm on Kix. There's also another double bill the very next day at 4pm.


17th March 2012

Power Rangers Dino Thunder is coming to Kix!

Power Rangers Dino Thunder will air on Kix! this Easter. Sky channel 627.

Check out the official Kix website for info and a promo.


6th February 2012

Kix All Action Half Term

Starting Saturday 11th February Kix will be showing four episodes of Wild Force back to back every day at 6pm.

See the Kix All Action Half Term promo at the Wild Force promos page, It uses shots from the Forever Red episode.


1st February 2012

Power Rangers Wild Force Quiz

At the official Kix website there's a Wild Force quiz to try.


25th January 2012

Power Rangers Wild Force Kix Premiere Air Dates and Times:

Monday 30th January 7:30am (Repeated at 4pm)

Monday 30th January 1pm (Repeated at 4:30pm)

Tuesday 31st January 7:30am (Repeated at 4pm)

Tuesday 31st January 1pm (Repeated at 4:30pm)


22nd January 2012

Power Rangers Wild Force Sneak Peek

You can watch the complete first episode at the official Kix website.


10th January 2012

Power Rangers Wild Force is coming to Kix!

Power Rangers Wild Force will air on Kix! starting with a double bill at 4pm on Monday 30th January.

Sky channel 627. Check out the official Kix website for info and a promo.




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