Taken from the promotional video that came free with the

Official Power Rangers The Movie UK Poster Magazine (1995).




Power Rangers The Movie Promo Clips

Promo 1 - "UK Theatrical Trailer"

See the differences between this trailer

and the final version of the movie at

the Movie/Trailer Differences page.


Promo 2 - "Short Trailer 1"


This promo drops the 'Mighty Morphin' from

the title leaving it just as 'Power Rangers The Movie'.



Promo 3 - "Short Trailer 2"


This is the exact same as the above promo

except there is no voice over.


Promo 4 - "Short Trailer 3"


Short version of the UK Theatrical Trailer.


Promo 5 - Promo Clip 1:

"The Rangers meet Ivan Ooze"


There's no background music when Ivan morphs.


Promo 6 - Promo Clip 2:

"The Rangers meet Dulcea"


Features the original background noise before

the better water splashing SFX were added.


Promo 7 - Promo Clip 3:

"The Rangers fight the Rock Monsters"


Differences from the final version of the movie

in order they appear in the promo clip:


No voices when the rangers call the ninjetti animals.

Billy says "So you wanna play rough?" instead of

"These guys are strong."

Adam just says "Whoa" instead of "What is this,

Pick on the frog day?".

Rocky says his "Whoa, That was close!" line a little

bit different, more like "oh, That was close."

Different music and sound effects.

Clip is also shorter by 2mins 10 seconds.


Promo 8 - Promo Clip 4:

"Welcome to Jurassic Park"


Clip of the dinosaur bones coming to life.





Promo 9 - Promo Clip 5:

"The Rangers meet Ivan's Zords"


Differences from the final version of the movie

in order they appear in the promo clip:


The first shot of Scorpitron is different.

Kimberly says "Look at the size of that thing" instead

of her movie line "Whoa. what is that thing?".

The first shot of Hornitor is an early CGI shot.

Kimberly says "And it's even bigger", in the movie

she said "And it's even uglier."

Tommy says "Looks like Zordon's gonna have to

wait." this line was never used in the movie.

In the movie Ivan's zord Hornitor fires and

Kimberly reacts to it, these two shots are missing

from this clip.

Different 'Zord Call' music.

Different version of the 'Zords Arriving' music.

When Goldar and Ivan see the zords and Goldar

says "It's the zords", Ivan's following two lines are

missing from this clip.


Promo 10 - "Behind the Scenes"


Features behind the scenes footage and

interviews with the cast and crew.


All promos have been recoded August 2010, Promos 6 and 8 are new to the site.





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