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Zordon and Alpha (Deleted Scene)

As Alpha and Zordon watch Ivan bear hug the megazord, Alpha says "Ay, yi, yi! the rangers

are going to be crushed!" Zordon replies "Don't lose hope yet, Alpha!".

Inside the Megazord cockpit (Deleted Scene)

Right after Ivan is hit with the Comet all of the rangers say "Morphenomenal!!".

Alpha (Deleted Scene)

After seeing the rangers winning Alpha leaps for joy saying "Hooray Power Rangers!!".

Rita and Zedd return to original size (Deleted Scene)

After seeing the megazord kneeing Ivan, Zedd says "That was a cheap shot!" followed by Rita

saying "We couldn't have done it better ourselves". Both Rita and Zedd now appear in Zedd's

palace in original size still covered in snow.


Rangers at the Command Center (Alternative Ending)

This scene is in place of the scene where the rangers bring Zordon back to life in the movie.
The rangers are gathered around Zordon holding their helmets in their hands, Zordon says

"rangers, by going after the Great Power, all of you knowingly put your lives at extreme risk,

and in doing so you not only saved my life, you saved all of Angel Grove and the world from a

reign of unthinkable terror." The rangers literally beam as Alpha holds up a camera and says

"Everybody say cheese", The rangers all jump up with their hands in the air and shout "Power

The end celebration scene with the 'thank you power rangers' fireworks from the movie does

not appear in the script.


Zedd's Palace (end scene during the credits)

This scene is completely different to the one in the movie: Rita and Zedd chase Mordant and

Goldar around the palace blasting them with their staffs. "What'd we do?!" asks Goldar "It's

not what you did, it's what you didn't do!" Zedd replies. "We tried to rescue you every chance

we had!" says Mordant "Liars!" shouts Rita and she whacks Goldar "Ouch!!" he shouts. Rita

asks "Do you know what it's like to be stuck in a blizzard for two days?" Mordant replies

"Cold?", "Are you trying to be funny?" Zedd says as he blasts Mordant singing his hairy behind

"Hey, watch the hair!!!" Mordant says. The End.




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