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Ivan is messing with the wrong teenagers

 Just after the rangers make the megazord Billy says "All systems go!" then Kimberly says "This

 guy is messing with the wrong teenagers!".

Megazord verses Ivan (Deleted Scene)

 The megazord and Ivan (in Hornitor) fight before the rangers call for the power sword, there

 was double punches, drop kicks, roundhouse hooks and spinback kicks.
 Kimberly says "engaging knuckle rockets!" and the megazord hits Ivan with exploding missiles.

 Ivan says "Don't make me laugh" and fires a laser blast that knocks the megazord tumbling

 backwards, the falcon zord then swoops in and opens fire on Ivan.

Goldar and Mordant on top of the tower

 In the script this scene takes place after the rangers call the meagzord, in the movie it takes

 place before they call it.
 Mordant is in this scene with Goldar, in the movie it was just Goldar.
 As Ivan graps the tower Goldar takes to the sky and Mordant holds on to one of his legs,

 Goldar says "Get off me" and Mordant says "But i'm your cousin" then Goldar replies "Second

 cousin, three times removed, now get off me".

The Power Sword

 Rocky calls for the power sword after Ivan breaks the part of the tower off, in the movie it

 was all of the rangers who called for it straight after they made the meagzord and before Ivan

 breaks the tower.
 The sword falls from the sky and sticks into the ground, the megazord grips the handle and

 raises it to the sky. Adam says "high power engage!" and the sword is struck by thunderbolts.
 Ivan takes a swing at the meagzord with the tower and breaks the monorail, in the movie he

 stands on it.
 Ivan is backing the megazord closer to an enormous power station and says "Time to recharge

 your batteries flower rangers" he then knocks the megazord through the air and it lands on some

 giant generators sending ten million volts through the megazord.



 In this scene where Ivan throws the megazord through the building, it takes place before the

 Tommy/monorail scene in the script and after it in the movie.


The Monorail

 In the monorail when Fred see's the broken track after he says "everybody hang on!" he pulls

 the emergency cord but it doesn't work!




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