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Fred breaks Ivan's spell

 In the movie this scene takes place after the scene where the rangers find Hornitor and

 Scorpitron in the streets.
 When Fred is trying to convince the other kids at Ernie's that Ivan is evil they head towards him,

 Fred looks for help and spots a hose, he grabs it and switchs it on spraying the crowd, this frees

 the kids from Ivan's spell. Fred runs off and the kids follow. Bull and Skull look at each other as

 Skull asks "What about the pizza?" Bulk thinks for a second and says "We could take it with us"

 Skull nods and they grab the pizza then run after the others.

The end for Zordon?

 The rangers teleport to the command centre before going to the streets to fight Hornitor and

 Scorpitron, in the movie they go straight to Hornitor and Scorpitron.
 When Alpha says "I'm afraid you're too late" he then says "Zordon... he's gone." he dosen't say

 the second line in the movie.

 In the script this is the scene where the command centre gets fixed up, in the movie it isn't until

 the second last scene that it gets fixed.
 After the rangers save Zordon, Alpha sees Ivan's Ecto-Morphicon machines on the viewing

 globe, Rocky says "We've got news for you, Ivan" then Tommy says "The Power Rangers are

 back in business!" then they all teleport out.

Alpha contacts Tommy

 When the rangers spot Hornitor and Scorpitron in the street we hear Alpha on Tommy's wrist

 communicator saying "Rangers, call for your new animal zords!" in the movie it's Tommy that

 says "We've got new ninja zords, let's use them!".
 One after another the rangers click their new coins into their morphers and call for their zords.

Fred, Bulk and Skull at the Monorail Station

 Before Fred, Bulk, Skull and all the kids get on the monorail Skull says to Fred "Look, kid, I

 don't think you realize who you're dealing with." and he replies "I don't think he realizes who he's

 dealing with" then shouts "Everybody on board!".


Battle of the zords

 Mordant is with Goldar and Ivan in this scene, but he's not in the movie version of this scene.
 The frog zord dosen't hold Scorpitron with his tongue.
 The ape zord swings from a billboard and rams into Hornitor feet first sending him catapulting

 backwards, in the movie the ape zord jumps from a building and lands on Hornitor's back.
 Ivan dosen't hold the crane zord in an "electromagnetic deadlock".
 The wolf zord dosen't bite off Scorpitron's tail spraying ooze everywhere.
 Ivan morphs with Scorpitron by going inside of his stomach, in the movie he go's inside the back

 of Hornitor (I think they mixed up the names in the script as Tommy just blew-up Scorpitron).
 After Ivan morphs with Hornitor he smiles to reveal his silver tooth.


Alpha watches the battle (Deleted Scene)

 As Alpha watches the battle on the viewing globe, he does a little jig and chants "Go rangers!

 Go rangers! Go rangers! Go!".




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