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More to Ivan creating his zords

 There is an extra part to the start of this scene, Ivan is talking and Mordant is videotaping him,

 he gets to close and Ivan swats him and his camera flys through the air and smashes against a

 wall, Mordant then says "Oh, man, that was a rental!".
 Ivan brings his zords to life in a different way, Once Mordant starts the ooze Goldar presses a

 button to open the roof to reveal the evil sky above, "Looks like a fine day for raising hell!" says

 Ivan. He then holds up his arms and says "Hecale Mennipus Libri Magus!" the sky crackles with

 thunder and a bolt of lightning shoots down hiting a metal tower and travels the length of the

 cables connected to Hornitor and Scorpitron and brings them to life. In the movie Ivan just zaps

 them with his powers.
 In the script Ivan brings his zords to life then tells the parents to goto the construction site, in

 the movie these happen the other away around.
 Theres also an extra part after Ivan tells the parents to goto the construction site, in the script

 they dont move then Goldar tells Ivan "You forgot to say 'Simon says'" this was also used in an

 earlier scene in the script.

Second Tengu fight (Deleted Scene)

 This scene may be in place of the "Jurassic Park" scene from the movie.
 The rangers peer over a ridge and can see the Nathadian Monolith and the only way to get to

 it is by crossing a rope bridge which is high above the ocean, but there's another problem

 between them and the bridge, The Tengu's are back with the Queen Tengu. One Tengu looks

 down as a frog hops between his leg and he tries to stomp on it but misses, we hear the Queen

 Tengu as she spots a falcon circling in the sky above. Now the rangers attack, Billy hits one with

 his whistling sticks, the Queen Tengu shoots a laser blast from her eyes and it explodes next to

 Tommy, Kimberly battles a Tengu on the rickety bridge, Rocky saves Aisha from another one

 of the Queen Tengu's laser blasts, Adam is that quick that his Tengu is hurtled backward through

 the air and we didn't even see Adam move, Tommy hits a Tengu with a spinning heel kick, Aisha

 goes into a bear stance as a Tengu charges toward her but as he slams into her she dosen't move

 and the Tengu explodes into a cloud of feathers, Kimberly on the bridge drops into a crane

 stance then jumps through the air executing a brutal spinning heel kick knocking the Tengu off

 the bridge as Kimberly lands perfectly back on the swinging bridge "Hasta la Pasta, Bigbird!"

 she says. Billy hits his Tengu on the beak and it explodes into a cloud of feathers "Aim for their

 beaks!" he tells the others. a Tengu makes a kamikaze dive toward Kimberly but Tommy dives

 from high above soaring thirty feet and intercepts the Tengu then both land and start fighting.

 Rocky slams another Tengu in the beak and he turns to feathers, Tommy jumps in to the air and

 nails two more Tengu's in the beak they both create an explosion of feathers. The Queen Tengu

 shoots another laser bolt at the rangers, Rocky then scales up a wall like he did with the pole

 and lands in front of the Queen Tengu "Polly wanna cracker?" he says and hits her with a spinning

 heel kick and she turns to feathers, Adam shouts "we did it!!".

Ivan, Goldar and Mordant on top of the tower

 In the script Mordant is also in this scene with Ivan and Goldar.
 Ivan introduces his zords by name but in the movie he doesn't.
 When Scorpitron appears he was meant to bash into the side of a building sending glass and

 debris everywhere, in the movie he shoots a car with the laser on his tail.
 After Ivan says "the boys are back in town" Mordant was to say "long live the booger man" but

 as he's not in this scene in the movie Goldar says "long live the king of ooze" instead.

Alpha still tries to contact the Rangers

 In the movie this scene starts with the news reporter appearing on the viewing globe and saying

 "the Mayor has declared a state of emergency", in the script there's an extra bit of Alpha that

 takes place right before this. It has Alpha trying to contact the rangers and as he finishes some

 adjustments on the viewing globe he says to Zordon "That should do it, we won't be able to hear

 them, but they should be able to hear us." this is when the reporter appears and starts to talk.


The Rangers reach the Monolith

 The rangers don't fight the rock monsters.
 The Monolith is in front of the rangers and next to it are all sorts of charred bones and skeletons,

 some human and some alien. Kimberly puts her hand on her animal symbol and says "I guess

 these guys weren't so lucky". The rangers try to open the Monolith as Rocky says "Release the

 power with the power" he runs at the Monolith hiting it with his shoulder then winces in pain

 "Not that kind of power" Aisha says. As the ranger try to open it a holographic image of 

 Zordon's face appears and says "Ivan has invaded the city...each of you are now in possession

 of miraculous skills, but only when the six become one will you have the strength to harness the

 Great Power" he then fades away, Tommy says "Six become one, the combined forces of the

 Ninjetti" The rangers stand in a line interlocking their hands facing the Monolith and speak in

  turn, Billy "I am the wolf, cunning and swift!" Kimberly "I am the crane, agile and sublime!"

 Aisha "I am the bear, stalwart and bold!" Adam "I am the frog, quick as lightning!" Rocky "I am

 the mighty ape!" Tommy "And I am the Falcon, Winged Lord of the Sky!" then all together "we

 are the Ninjetti!!" a halo of light surrounds the rangers and they dissapear into thin air.
 The rangers burst through a wall of light and appear inside a vast cavern. There's a pyramid

 shaped steel object in the center of the room with a radiant light shining from it. Billy realises

 that the power is of another world, Another dimension "We've got ten 'triacs' before we're toast"

 Kimberly says, "That's twenty seconds!!" Rocky replies. Tommy is thinking "Release the power

 with the power" as their symbols glow Kimberly takes hers off and turns it around, there's a 

 mirror on the back. Billy says "I've got it! we use the mirrors to reflect the light back into

 itself!!", rocky shouts "Three sconds!" as they all turn their mirrors toward the pyramid a beam of

 light shoots from the power into their mirrors and back in to the power. The earth starts to shake

 then stops, the pyramid opens and six beams of coloured lights shoot out and hit each of the

 rangers as their Ranger suits materialize on them with clear visors so we can see their faces. Now

 the symbols in their hands transform into new power coins.
 Before the rangers morph out Adam says "Hang on Angel Grove" in the movie Adam and

 Rocky say "Hang on Zordon".


Dulcea and Snoggle watch the Rangers return to earth

 Dulcea and Snoggle watch as the rangers fly away from the planet, Snoggle says "Spherhlegnu"

 and Dulcea replies "Yes Snoggle, they now have the Great Power of the Ninjetti!".
 Dulcea never turned into an owl.




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