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Rangers training montage (Deleted Scene)

 This is a montage with fast music of the rangers on Phaedos getting better at their training from

 the earlier deleted scene in which none of the rangers could complete. At the end of the

 montage we see Kimberly balancing on a log, then she executes a filp and lands it perfectly, she

 throws her arms up triumphantly.

Fred gets information from Bulk and Skull (Deleted Scene)

Click to see more missing shots Ivan disguised as the wizard magically appears at

 Angel Grove park and the crowd start shouting 

 "Ooze! Ooze!". Ivan asks them "Who misses

 school" and all of the crowd shout "Not us". He

 then asks them "Who misses rules" again the

 crowd shout "Not us" then finally he asks them

 "Who wants to join me in raising hell across the

 universe" the crowd shout "We do". As this is

 happening Fred asks Bulk and Skull "where is

 everybody's parents?" and Skull says "Like we

 said before, that's classified, top secret" so Fred

 decides to be tricky and says that Ivan wants him to dump a load of garbage all over them, 

 Bulk says "Well, why didn't you say so?!" and Skull tells him that they're at the World Center 

 Construction Site. Fred says "Ooze rules!" does a ridiculous mock salute which Bulk and Skull

 repeat then Fred leaves.

Dulcea explains the "Order of the Meledan" (Deleted Scene)

 Dulcea leads Snoggle and the Rangers up a stone path and they approach a bush filled with

 exotic berries, all of them start eating the berries as Tommy asks Dulcea how she knows

 Zordon, She says that they both belonged to an interstellar peace keeping force known as the

 "Order of the Meledan" and that Zordon was widely regarded as the finest Commander in the

 Galaxy. Rocky asks "what happened?" Dulcea tells them that over time their enemies were
 defeated, she returned to Phaedos and Zordon moved on to continue the struggle elsewhere,

 And until they showed up she'd never heard from Zordon in centuries. She then explains why

 she is taking them to the Nathadian Monolith and why she is teaching them the Ninjetti is

 because if Zordon dies then a piece of all of them dies and the force of good within the universe

 will be dealt an irreparable blow.

Fred fights Mordant

 Before Fred finds his dad diging at the construction site there is a bit where Mordant, Goldar

 and Ivan are talking. Mordant says that after they've taken over the world he's going to change

 his name to sir Mordant or even Major Mordant, Goldar cuts in and says "How about Major 

 When Fred is trying to talk to his dad Mordant catches him, but Fred fights him with a lightning

 quick iron hammer fist strike, a palm heel block, a front kick with jumping kick and sends

 Mordant flying backwards into the dirt. Fred then takes off while Goldar looks at Mordant,

 Mordant says to him "Just shut your gap!" in which Goldar replies "Did I say anything?".


Alpha tries to contact the Rangers

In the script this scene takes place after Fred tries to talk to his dad at the construction site, in

 the movie it takes place just after Fred's dad touches the ooze.
 Before Alpha gets the viewing globe working he says that by bouncing ultra-high frequencies

 off one of the network satellites he can send a long-range pulsar signal to within two feet of the

 rangers coordinates. but in the movie he's talking about fixing the viewing globe and says "There,

 that should do it, let's give it a whirl" and then the news reporter appears.


Ten triacs? (Deleted Scene)

 The rangers and Dulcea reach a crest of a ridge, they can see the outline of the Nathadian

 Monolith in the background. Dulcea tells them this is as far as she can take them and that she

 has taught them all that she can and now they must achieve the Ninjetti on their own. Dulcea

 then tells them that it is said that once they've reached the power they only have ten 'triacs' to

 release it. Billy asks "What's a Triac?" Dulcea replies "About twenty seconds in your time, after

 that they say the power will throw off a super-heated, radioactive fireball, instantly reducing

 you to ash and bits of charred bone". Tommy also asks "how do we release the power?" Dulcea

 tells them "The legend goes that you release the power with the power." Adam asks "What does

 that mean!" and Dulcea replies "That is a question that even i cannot answer." Tommy thanks

 Dulcea for her help and everyone puts their hands together then Duleca says "Ka'Alabas tor nartu

 En'Kata-Tay...May your animals watch over you."




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