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Zordon wants to contact the Rangers

 This scene takes place before the 'Ivan handing out ooze' scene in the movie.
 At the command center Zordon asks Alpha if he can contact the rangers and Alpha says

 "Perhaps if I could locate a vertical-deflector then I could assemble a holographic-comlink." in

 the movie he says "If I could locate a vertical-deflector, we could make contact through the

 viewing globe."

The Rangers sleep on Phaedos (Deleted Scene)

 Dulcea leads the rangers through a circular opening in a wall and tells them that "Each of you

 must reach deep within and draw upon your natural instincts, only then will you know the way

 of  the Ninjetti. Now rest for a few hours." She heads through a door. Kimberly asks "where

 are we supposed to sleep?" Snoggle points to a campfire then hurries inside and slams the door.
 With all the rangers around the fire Billy asks "Do you guys really think we can pull this off?"

 Tommy replies "I wonder, we've been relying on our Morphin Powers for so long maybe we've

 forgotten how to rely on ourselves." they all try to get some rest.

Ivan plays 'Simon says' with the zombie parents

 When Ivan's at the construction site he dosen't make the zombie parent dance instead he plays

 'Simon says' with all of the parents. he says "Simon says...stand on one foot!" and all of the

 parents stand on one foot. he then says "Simon says..." but before hen can finish Goldar jumps

 in with "Quack like a'duck!" and all of the parents start quacking like ducks, Ivan shouts "Shut

 up!!" but the parents keep quacking, Goldar tells him "You didn't say 'Simon says'" Ivan then
 says "Simon says shut up!!!" and all the parents stop, finally Ivan says "This is the last time i use

 parents for anything!".

The animals visit the Rangers (Deleted Scene)

 As the rangers sleep a wolf walks up to Billy, a shadow moves over Kimberly and two crane

 legs step next to her, a falcon lands on a rock directly above Tommy, a silhouette of an ape

 appears, a frog hops next to Adam and a bear shadow appears over Aisha. Then all at once

 the six animals vanish into thin air like spirits of the night.


Ivan creates a Queen Tengu

 Just before the Tengu's appear at the construction site Ivan has an extra line when he talks to

 the zonbie parents, he says "Let's pick it up here! I've got a schedule to keep. in twenty four

 hours the ooze is gonna hit the fan!".
 The Tengu's bring Mordant in with them when they land as he went with them in an eariler

 The Tengu's dont speak they only make noises, all of their lines from the movie are spoken by

 Ivan dosen't zap the Tengu's to get rid of them, instead he looks towards the sky and says "I

 call upon the powers of darkness to enrich the evil of my creatures by tenfold!" lightning then

 rips from the sky and zaps the Tengu's causing them to glow radiantly. He then shoots a bolt of

 energy and creates a Queen Tengu, She is a different color from the rest and her eyes glow red.

 Ivan tells her to lead her warriors back to Phaedos, feast themself's upon the rangers and bring

 him Dulcea, the Tengu's then take to the sky.


The Rangers wake up wearing their Ninjetti suits (Deleted Scene)

 As the rangers sleep Snoggle's snout works it's way toward Kimberly, she wakes up and hits

 his snout with her fist, Snoggle holds his snout and jumps up and down. The rest of the rangers

 wake up and as they get out from under their blankets they're shocked to discover that they're

 all wearing Ninjetti costumes with animal symbols on their chest. Tommy says "How the heck?"

 followed by Rocky "What's going on?" and Kimberly "I don't believe it!", Dulcea approaches

 and tells them that they have been visited by the animal spirits and that they have given them

 their blessing. The rangers then continue to admire their symbols.




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