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Dulcea trains Kimberly (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea watched by Kim and Snoggle On Phaedos Kimberly and Snoggle watch as Dulcea

 walks on her hands across a narrow bamboo log that

 spans a pond. Dulcea tells Kimberly that "The crane

 maintains it's agility through the perfect harmony of

 mind, body and spirit." she then jumps into the air,

 does a round-house kick and lands perfectly on the

 narrow span. Now its Kimberly's turn to try it, she

 climbs onto the bamboo and starts walking across on

 her hands but about a quarter of the way along she

 loses her balance and falls into the shallow pond.

 Snoggle laughs and Kimberly shoots him a look "Let's

 see you do it" she says, Snoggle marches to the pole

 but Dulcea stops him and says "we don't have time

 for you to show off".

Dulcea trains Rocky (Deleted Scene)

 Dulcea and Rocky are standing at the bottom of a twenty foot pole Dulcea says "The ape is

 strong, but more importantly it is flexible and free." Dulcea then scrambles to the top in less

 than ten seconds and slides back down. Now it's Rocky's turn, he starts scurrying up the pole and

 gets about fifteen feet in the air before he loses his grip and slams into the ground.

Dulcea trains Billy (Deleted Scene)

 Dulcea and Billy circle each another fighting with spinning whistling sticks, Dulcea is blindfolded,

 Billy isn't. Dulcea tells him that "The wolf relies on it's enhanced senses to guide it...He can hear

 what we cannot hear, he can smell what we cannot smell." Billy tries to hit her with his stick but

 she easily deflects every blow. Now Dulcea takes numerous swings at Billy, thwacking him

 repeatedly and finally knocking him into the water.

Dulcea trains Adam (Deleted Scene)

 Dulcea, Adam and Snoggle stand in an area filled with flying insects. Dulcea says "The frog

 remains still and silent while it assesses its target...then strikes out in the blink of an eye." There

 is some kind of insect flying around Dulcea and she catches it, Adam can't believe it. He waits a

 moment, hears a flying insect and watches it zip around him. He lashes out numerous times, but

 completely misses the insect. With lightning speed Snoggle vacums the fly into his snout "Show

 off" replies Adam.


Dulcea trains Aisha (Deleted Scene)

 Aisha watches as Dulcea goes into a bear stance "The bear is sturdy as a towering tree, nothing

 can uproot it." Dulcea tells her. Snoggle charges at Dulcea and slams into her but she dosen't

 move. Aisha now goes into the bear stance and Snoggle slams into her, sending her flying.


Dulcea trains Tommy (Deleted Scene)

Click to see more behind the scenes pics Dulcea and Tommy are standing on a towering rock

 rising out of a dark lake. Dulcea tells him that "The

 falcon never struggles with the air, but rather

 becomes one with it." She then leaps off the rock,

 soars fifty feet through the air and lands on another

 rock, Tommy is stunned. now it's his turn, he spreads

 his arms out and leaps...then drops like a rock landing

 in the black water.




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