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Fred talks to Bulk and Skull at Angel Grove park

 When Ivan is handing out his ooze Bulk and Skull are also handing it out from their booth

 they've set up.
 This scene has Fred asking Bulk and Skull about Ivan, but they say "that's top secret and if we

 told you, we'd have to kill you".
 Fred doesn't open his container of ooze thats why he's not turned into a zombie.
 Someone throws ooze at Skull but he ducks and it hits Bulk in the face.
 When Ivan is disguised as the wizard he smiles to reveal his glistening silver tooth (mentioned

 earlier in the script) this was to let you know that the wizard was actually Ivan in disguise.

Dulcea's assistant 'Snoggle' (Deleted Scene)

Snoggle At Dulcea's camp on Phaedos the rangers sit on rocks by a lakeside drinking

 from clay mugs as Dulcea hands out bowls. Aisha asks "Is this food?", Dulcea

 says "They're called squirbs." Billy eats one and says "Not bad".
 A flubbery looking Snout scares Kimberly, it is called 'Snoggle' and is

 Dulcea's ant-eater like assistant. He dosen't speak english but he says

 "gbujiphn huphlgmpnoru!!" and Dulcea tells him to watch his language.
 Snoggle re-fills Aisha's tea-cup and says "Slnughyu buglhugrmrph?" Aisha

 says "Excuse me?", Dulcea tells her that he asked if she'd like a cube of sugar in

 her tea, Aisha says "sure". Snoggle then blows a cube of sugar out of his snout

 and it lands in her cup "Ah...thanks" she says.

Dulcea explains Ninjetti

 With Dulcea and the Rangers standing around a fire Dulcea explains that in the language of the

 Nathadians, "Nin" stands for "man", "jetti" stands for "animal". Ninjetti means man and animal

 together as one.
 Dulcea asks the Rangers to put their hands into the flame as it will not harm them, they do so

 and when they remove their hands from the flame their hands are filled with sand. Dulcea then

 asks them to look into their hands and tell her what they see, as the rangers look the sand

 magically takes on the shape of their animals then Dulcea tells them about there animals

 Kimberly asks Dulcea how she knows so much about the Ninjetti and Dulcea explains that she

 is the sole living descendant of the "Nathadians".
 Dulcea tells the rangers to prepare themselves for the most intense physical and mental training

 known to man and animal (as she trains them in a later scene).

Fred looks for his dad

 This scene has an extra bit of Fred looking for his dad in the master bedroom, in the movie Fred

 only looks in the living room.
 There's also a scene with Fred outside of his house talking to two other kids about their missing

 parents, then a wild kid runs past holding a container of ooze and hitting over trash cans and a

 mailbox with a baseball bat. Fred says "That guy was the student body President".




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