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Ivan enters Zedd's lair

Before Ivan enters Lord Zedd's lair, Goldar says "According to the TX Tracker, they're

headed for Phaedos"
Rita calls Ivan a "Garlic sucking dingle brain" in the movie she calls him a "Egg sucking purple

pin head", the line from the script is used in the theatrical trailer.
When Zedd asks Goldar and Mordant to join him he calls Rita and Zedd "insufferable 

cheesedongs" in the movie he calls them "insufferable dingledorks!"
Golder again mentions that Mordant is just visiting for the summer.
When Ivan makes the Tengu Warriors he tells Mordant to go with them and to report back

to him, Mordant tries to talk out of going but one of the Tengu Warriors grabs him and flys off.

Rangers arrive on Phaedos
Only five rangers appear on Phaedos Billy is missing.
Alpha at the Command Center (Deleted Scene)

Alpha is pressing buttons and flicking levers trying to get the systems running he then kicks a

panel and it suddenly starts working.

Billy arrives on Phaedos

The rangers are still looking for Billy as he comes flying out of the sky and lands in another

puddle, the others go to help him when he says "This puddle thing is really getting on my nerves."

(this is the second time in the script that he has landed in a puddle.)
Aisha says "Welcome to beautiful downtown Phaedos." in the movie she just says "Wow". It

looks like they changed this line to "Welcome to Jurassic Park" for a later scene.


Ivan recruits Bulk and Skull

Mordant is not in this scene in the script (the Tengu Warriors took him with them) but he's in

this scene in the movie.
When Ivan is at the chemical plant Goldar says the line "You want me to place a few calls?",

but in the movie it's Mordant  that says the line "Would you like me to make a few calls?"
It was meant to be Goldar picking his nose instead of Mordant burping when Goldar says

"No offense, boss, but they might find you a little disgusting."
Ivan was just meant to walk up to a tap and turn it on to release his ooze instead of zapping

it with his hands.
Bulk and Skull enter with a "help wanted" flier and Skull says to Ivan "I understand you're

looking for a few new assistants." Ivan replies "I advertised for brilliant and good looking

assistants!", Skull then says "Hi, I'm brilliant." and Bulk says "And I'm good looking." Ivan

says "And I'm Little-Bo-Peep." this is when Bulk and Skull try to leave only for Goldar to

block their way.


First Tengu fight

On Phaedos when Tommy and Kimberly are talking about Zordon, Aisha says "teaming up 

with you guys, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me" and Rocky says "It's the best thing 

that's ever happened to all of us."
Mordant dosen't appear in this scene in the movie but in the script he is watching the rangers

from behind a tree and when the Tengu warriors attack he gets so excited that he starts

throwing punches and kicks then accidently punches a tree.
The Tengu's don't lift Kimberly into the air.
Dulcea first appears as a small, hunched figure wearing a tattered robe who swings in on a vine

and fights the Tengu's still wearing her robe.
Mordant calls the Tengu warriors 'Tengu Turkeys', then when they retreat he says "aren't you

bird-brains forgetting something?" one of the Tengu swoops in and snatches him up.
Dulcea (still a small, hunched figure wearing a tattered robe) speaks in a rough whisper until

Kimberly mentions Zordon, then Dulcea grows to full human size as her robe falls off to reveal

that she is an amazonian woman.
When Dulcea asks about Zordon Tommy just stares at her, Kimberly hits him with her elbow

and says "The lady asked you a question." but Tommy can't even speak so Kimberly has to

intervene and tells Dulcea about Ivan Ooze.
Dulcea dosen't trip up Tommy.
When Dulcea tells the rangers to follow her Aisha turns to Kimberly and whispers "Kind of

bossy, isn't she?"




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