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Ivan destroys the Command Center

When Ivan is destroying the command centre he says he missed "the 70's" in the movie he says

"the Brady Bunch reunion" instead.


Fight / Morph at the Construction Site

The fight between the rangers and Ivan's 'Ooze' monsters (rat-beasts in the script) takes place 

before Ivan destroys the command centre. These two scenes are the other way around in the


The script version of this fight scene is also completely different including: Two rats run at Aisha

and she leaps upwards and the two rats smash into each other, Rocky uses a two-by-four to

spar with a rat, Billy pushes a wooden object down a slope and it knocks a couple of rats over,

one rat knocks Adam over by hitting him with his tail, Another rat gets Kimberly in a bear hug

and she says "Rat breath!" she then grabs his whiskers and says "Somebody needs a shave" and

yanks them out as the rat squeals and releases her.
After the rangers morph they all say "Morphenomenal!".
The rangers were to jump into the air and be engulfed in a dazzling golden light as they do a 3D

movie version of their transformation into their suits.
All six of the face pieces (on their helmets) were to polarize so we could see their faces.

Billy's new helmet

When the rangers are looking for the Ooze monsters/rat-beasts at the construction site right

before Rocky activates his Power Scope Billy gets to activate his Audio Enhancer, an auto-

phonic receiver that pops out of the side of his helmet and as he turns his head, the receivers

Rocky's Power Scope is described as 'a scope that snaps into place over Rocky's left eye', the

movie used a red light that covered both eyes.

Morphed fight at the Construction Site

The fight between the morphed rangers and the Ooze monsters/rat-beasts is completely 

different, the script includes: Tommy and one of the beasts falling down a twenty foot rock pile,

Aisha throwing a handful of dirt in a beasts eyes, Tommy uses his Saba Saber earlier in the fight,

Adam uses the Stega-Stinger not Billy, Kimberly's 'Pterodactyl Thunderwhip' is called a

'Raptor-Ribbon', Kimberly says "Now you see `em, Now you don't" instead of her "Have a nice

trip! See you next fall." line, Billy rolls close to a twenty foot drop-off when a beast runs at him

he ducks and the beast goes flying and lands in a muddy pool of water, There's a beast standing

on one side of a board and Rocky jumps on the other side of the board sending the beast

flipping through the air, all the rats are standing in water and Saba cuts a cable that then

electrocutes the rats and turns them back to normal, they then run away.
When the rangers lose there powers and their communicators dont work they still try to teleport

but it doesn't work.


Outside the Command Center (Deleted Scene)

There's a scene right before the rangers enter the trashed command centre that has them

climbing a mountain path and seeing black smoke rising from the command centre.


Rangers at the trashed Command Center

When the rangers enter the trashed command centre they find Alpha under a mound of rubble.
Zordon says "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are no more" in the movie he says "The

Power Rangers are no more."
Kimberly holds Zordon's hand, you don't see his hands in the movie.
Alpha's circits are crossed and he keeps saying weird things, Billy fixes him and Alpha sneezes

with sparks flying from where his nose should be, Rocky hands Alpha a hanky and he wipes his

nose area.
Alpha mentions a 'Master warrior who lives on the planet Phaedos' he dosen't in the movie.
When the rangers ask Alpha how do they get to Phaedos Alpha opens a compartment and

removes a vile filled with radioluminescent energy and says "This is an emergency reserve of

morphonic emissions." in the movie he dosen't use a vile he just says "I can download the last

plasmatic morphing gem into the transport core".
When Alpha teleports the rangers to Phaedos he says "Ay, yi, yi, yi. They're doomed!!"




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