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Bulk and Skull

Bulk and Skull dont land at the construction site they land near trees, this means their talk with

the construction worker does not happen.

News reporter at the Construction Site
Theres a reporter talking into camera at the construction site about Ivan's pod.

Ernie's Waterfront Cafe (Deleted Scene)

This scene features the Rangers, Fred and Ernie (Yes he's in it). Tommy is teaching Fred martial

arts, Ernie mentions Ryan's Comet and Bulk and Skull enter talking about their parachute jump.
This is where Alpha contacts the rangers for the first time instead of when they're rollerblading.


Rangers at the Command Center

When zordon is telling the rangers about the group of young warriors who lured Ivan Ooze

into his hyperlock chamber six thousand years ago he names the group as the "Order of the

Meledon", the name of the group is not mentioned in the movie.

Alpha tells the rangers that he's retro-fitted thair helmets with new Opti-Scan devices.


Zedd and Rita at the Construction Site

When Zedd and Rita appear Rita mentions that she's been married 89 times.

When Zedd zaps the security guards with his stick Goldar steps back from the blast and 

accidentally steps on Mordant's foot, Mordant then Knocks on Goldar's metallic leg and says

"Hey bonehead, get off my hoof!". A few seconds later he bangs on Goldar's leg again and says

"Yo, earth to Bigfoot!". Goldar then swats him and replies with "Watch your mouth, fuzz-ball!".
Goldar mentions that Mordant's his second cousin three times removed on his mother's side,

and that he`s just visiting for the summer.
Mordant calls Zedd 'Boss'.
The script describes Ivan Ooze as having jagged teeth, one of which is made of glistening slver.
Mordant says "Seems to ring a bell" instead of "I think he's heard of him" when Zedd asks 

Ivan if he remembers Zordon.
When Ivan says that he'll destroy Zordon, Goldar says "Here's his address" and hands him 

a piece of paper. Ivan reads "...left off Interstate 12?...What's an 'interstate'?", Mordant replies

"It's like a freeway, How long have you been locked up?".


Rangers arrive at the Construction Site

When the rangers teleport to the construction site Billy lands in a mud puddle and says  "Remind

me to have a word with Alpha about his teleporting calculations". In the movie he does land in a

puddle but dosen't say anything.
When the rangers are looking at Ivan's egg, the security guard puts his hand on Aisha, in the

movie it was Tommy.
When Kimberly asks the security guard if he's seen a morphological being lurking around he 

says "The only thing i've seen is you teenagers, and you know...if there's one thing in the world I

really hate...." he then morphs into Ivan Ooze and says "...It's Teenagers". In the movie he just

said "wait a second, did it look something like this".
Ivan introduces himself as "the infamous, world-reviled, universally despised, Ivan Ooze!" where

as in the movie he says "the galactically feared, globally reviled, universally despised, They call

me Ivan Ooze".
Tommy says "We're the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!" in the movie he just says "We're the

Power Rangers!".
Instead of Ivan's 'Ooze monsters' he makes rats and grows them into full man sized rat-beasts.
The rangers don't jump down from Ivan's egg to fight his monsters.




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