Below is a number of differences that happened in an early version of the script

that is dated 31st October 1994, Including extra dialouge, deleted scenes, deleted

characters, different versions of scenes from the movie and an alternative ending.

Please note that most of these scenes were never filmed.




Page 1:

Bulk and Skull

News reporter at the Construction Site

Ernie's Waterfront Cafe (Deleted Scene)

Rangers at the Command Center

Zedd and Rita at the Construction Site

Rangers arrive at the Construction Site


Page 2:

Ivan destroys the Command Center

Fight/Morph at the Construction Site

Billy's new helmet

Morphed fight at the Construction Site

Outside the Command Center (Deleted Scene)

Rangers at the trashed Command Center


Page 3:

Ivan enters Zedd's lair

Rangers arrive on Phaedos

Alpha at the Command Center (Deleted Scene)

Billy arrives on Phaedos

Ivan recruits Bulk and Skull

First Tengu fight


Page 4:

Fred talks to Bulk and Skull at Angel Grove park

Dulcea's assistant 'Snoggle' (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea explains Ninjetti

Fred looks for his dad


Page 5:

Dulcea trains Kimberly (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea trains Rocky (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea trains Billy (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea trains Adam (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea trains Aisha (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea trains Tommy (Deleted Scene)


Page 6:

Zordon wants to contact the Rangers

The Rangers sleep on Phaedos (Deleted Scene)

Ivan plays 'Simon says' with the zombie parents

The animals visit the Rangers (Deleted Scene)

Ivan creates a Queen Tengu

The Rangers wake up wearing their Ninjetti suits (Deleted Scene)


Page 7:

Rangers training montage (Deleted Scene)

Fred gets information from Bulk and Skull (Deleted Scene)

Dulcea explains the "Order of the Meledan" (Deleted Scene)

Fred fights Mordant

Alpha tries to contact the Rangers

Ten triacs? (Deleted Scene)


Page 8:

More to Ivan creating his zords

Second Tengu fight (Deleted Scene)

Ivan, Goldar and Mordant on top of the tower

Alpha still tries to contact the Rangers

The Rangers reach the Monolith

Dulcea and Snoggle watch the Rangers return to earth


Page 9:

Fred breaks Ivan's spell

The end for Zordon?

Alpha contacts Tommy

Fred, Bulk and Skull at the Monorail Station

Battle of the zords

Alpha watches the battle (Deleted Scene)


Page 10:

Ivan is messing with the wrong teenagers

Megazord verses Ivan (Deleted Scene)

Goldar and Mordant on top of the tower

The Power Sword


The Monorail


Page 11:

Ivan climbs a ten story buliding

The Megazord takes Ivan into outer space (Deleted Scene)

Rita and Zedd in the snow glode (Deleted Scene)

Fred, Bulk and Skull save the parents

Rita and Zedd in the snow glode

Inside the Megazord cockpit


Page 12:

Zordon and Alpha (Deleted Scene)

Inside the Megazord cockpit (Deleted Scene)

Alpha (Deleted Scene)

Rita and Zedd return to original size (Deleted Scene)

Rangers at the Command Center (Alternative Ending)

Zedd's Palace




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