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Beast Morphers 13 - "Tuba Triumph"

UK Premiere Airdate: 24 October 2019

After Roxy creates Tubatron in the park using her key it changes to one of Scrozzle's data chip's in the very next shot, which she then attaches to Tubatron.


When Tubatron attacks the rangers in the park Devon doesn't look around the area to see if it's empty before he morphs. As there were lots of people in the park when Tubatron arrived it would've be possible that someone could have seen them morph as they were running away.


In the base Commander Shaw has to walk up to the automatic doors and wait on them opening before she can exit. But a little later when Ben and Betty's attempt to unclog the Saxophone goes wrong the same doors are already open waiting for them to be thrown out.


As Ben and Betty are about to begin their first band practice the woman standing at the back wall changes into a completely different person in the very next shot.


While Ben and Betty are practicing their music this woman in the background changes to a different person wearing similar clothes in the very next shot.


Joey's face is blurred when he kicks the hat from the bully's head. Most likely disguising the use of a stunt performer.




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