Other shows and movies that mention or feature anything power rangers related.




The Nanny (1994)

Episode: "Fran-Lite"


As the kids have just started back at school, Niles the butler starts to tidy up when he says "Home alone.. no more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.."

The Nanny

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1994)

Episode: "Love Hurts"


While Will and his girlfriend Lisa are bowling, A man hits Will so Lisa beats him up. Will asks "Where did that come  from?", she says "I've been meaning to tell you that I'm a.." Then Will cuts in "A what? A power ranger?".

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Bad Boys (1995)

Movie (Rated 18 NOT for kids)


Cop Markus Burnett is telling his partner about troubles with his marriage, like when he wakes up in the morning he finds a power ranger toy in a strange place.

Bad Boys

Friends (1995)

Episode: "The One with the Ick Factor"


Joey tells Monica to ask her young boyfriend Ethan "which one the strongest Power Ranger is?". Ross shouts "It's Morphin Time" then crosses his arms, Joey and Chandler do the same.

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Friends - Click for more images

Married with Children (1995)

Episode: "The Undergraduate"


A young boy bribes Kelly to go out with him by threating her career, to which she replies "Not if it means kissing little your Power Ranger butt".

Married with Children

Grumpier Old Men (1995)



On Halloween one of the trick or treaters at Max's door is wearing a blue Mighty Morphin Power Rangers costume. He is credited as 'Power Ranger #1' and was played by Ryan Waldoch.

Grumpier Old Men

California Dreams (1996)

Episode: "Babewatch"


Sly and Tony are spying on their friends. Tony talking about their shark costumes asks didn't they have something a little less suspicious? in which Sly replys "They were all out of the power ranger suits."

California Dreams

3rd Rock from the Sun (1997)

Episode: "Scaredy Dic"


In the dark and scared of a ghost, Harry quotes a wise saying about courage. When he is asked who said that, he replies "Blue Power Ranger".

3rd Rock from the Sun
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Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Episode: "Silver and Gold" (1997)


Donatello believes he knows the location of the next bank robbery, Leonardo says "So, we're Ninja, not the Power Rangers, Leave the crime fighting to the police".

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997)

Episode: "What's My Line" Part 2


Buffy (far right) and Kendra (center) are talking when Willow walks in, Kendra asks her to identify herself to which Buffy replys "Back off Pink Ranger".

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Catchphrase (1997)

Season 12: Episode 6


One of the catchphrases was 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'.

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Catchphrase - Click for more info

Big Wolf on Campus (1999)

Episode: "The Bookmobile"


Dean is watching tv when he says to his mom "..I can't watch Power Rangers til this stupid state of the union addrsss is over".

Big Wolf on Campus

Smallville (2003)

Episode: "Visage"


When Clark believes that Whitney is actually Tina Greer in disguise, Chloe replies "The Mighty Morphin Power Girl?".


WWE Raw (2003)

Episode date: 15th August (UK)


Molly Holly is the woman's champion

and Goldust is talking about her

championship belt, he tries to say the

word "Gold" but instead he says:

"Go Go Power Rangers".

WWE Monday Night Raw

Torque (2004)

Movie (Rated 15 NOT for kids)


Val (left) and Dalton (far right) have just win a fight, Trey (center) comes to help them get up and asks "You little power rangers alright?"


 Combat Zone Wrestling (2004)

Episode date: 30th March (UK)


This wrestling show has a female wrestler named the "Yellow Michinoku Ranger". (See more images)

CZW - Click for more images

 Lost (2005)

Episode: "Exodus (Part 1)"


Walt is watching the episode "Beginnings part 2" of SPD on tv. He is asked to turn down the volume but turns it up instead. (More Info)

Lost - Click for more info

WWE Smackdown (2006)

Episode date: 10th February (UK)


A match in the Juniors Division was starting and as two mini wrestlers named Mascarita sagrada and Tsuki walked to the ring dressed in their coloured suits and masks the commentator says "The Power Rangers".

WWE Smackdown

Big Game Tv (April 2006)

Live Quiz Channel


A phone-in quiz where you've to fill in the blank "Power _____" to win money. The second bottom answer on the board was "Rangers", The presenter also throws a punch and atempts to sing the "Go Go Power Rangers" theme song. (See large image)

Big Game Tv - Click for large image

WWE No Mercy (2006)

 Pay-per-view date: 8th October


A new wrestler called Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) wrestles in his first match. An ex wrestler called JBL is commentating and says "He stole that outfit from a power ranger". Moments later the crowd start chanting "Power Ranger".

WWE No Mercy

Dinosaur King (2007)

Episode: "A Game Show Showdown"

In this show they are filming tv shows and this one looks like Power Rangers. In the short clip a monster appears followed by the rangers, The monster fires and knocks the rangers backwards. Then a dinosaur hatch's from an egg causing the rangers to run away. More

Dinosaur King - Click for more images

Two and a Half Men (2007)

Ep: "Large Birds, Spiders & Mom"


When Alan and Charlie take Jake to get new shoes for school, three Power Rangers SPD shoe boxes can be seen in the background. (See large image)

Two and a Half Men - Click for large image

Lost (2008)

Episode: "Ji Yeon"


One of the characters walks past the power rangers section in a toy store. You can see Super Legends red ranger sets, Operation Overdrive megazord  and helmet plus the top of a Mystic Force Toy. (See large image)

Lost - Click for large image

Supernatural (2008)

Episode: "Heaven and Hell"


After Anna remembers she's an angel that's done bad things, Dean asks "so you just forgot that you were God's little Power Ranger?".


WWE Smackdown (2008)

Episode date: 4th July


Triple H is telling MVP how much he likes him as a wrestler and says "I even dig that little power ranger outfit you wrestle in" and "That's why all these kids out here love you".

WWE Smackdown

WWE Raw (2008)

Episode date: 22nd July


While Chris Jericho is talking in the ring, we get a shot of a fan wearing a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers T-shirt. (See large image)

WWE Raw - Click for large image

WWE Smackdown (2012)

Episode date: 16th March


Throughout the show a fan can be seen holding up a sign that reads "It's Morphin Time" and wearing a Mighty Morphin green ranger T-shirt.

(See large image)

WWE Smackdown - Click for large image

Car Share (2015)

Episode 5


John hurts his arm so Kayleigh gets him a blanket from her kids school. He complains about it being Peppa Pig saying "Did they not have a Bob the Builder or a Power Rangers or something."

Car Share

Videogame Nation (2015)

Episode date: 23rd May


John Robertson ends his review of the videogame Warriors Orochi by saying "let the world change based on what the player does, and then plonk in an alien and that's how you turn history into an episode of the Power Rangers."

Videogame Nation

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2015)

Episode: "Maveth"


While sneaking into a Hydra base Mack says to his team: "Bobbi and Hunter are with me. May, you take the power rangers and go find Fitz or Simmons."

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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