Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Time Force 26 - "Time Force Traitor"

Steelix kicks Jen through the airJen dodges laser blasts

This fight between Jen and Steelix lasting 48 seconds was cut by Fox Kids. It included Steelix kicking Jen through the air, Jen dodging laser blasts, She also kicks his gun away from him, elbows him in the face and holds him down asking why he betrayed Time Force for money. but he breaks free and kicks the back of her knee...

Steelix holds Jen downSteelix is kicked into barrels by Jen

...knocking her down and holding her there, he replys it wasn't for money but revenge. Jen flips up and kicks him through the air crash landing into some barrels...

Steelix dodges Jen's kickSteelix does a flying scissors kick

...he then dodges Jen's kick and attacks her with his flying scissors kick.


Wes dodges a punch from JenJen trips up Wes

A fight between Wes and Evil Jen lasting 26 seconds was also cut by Fox Kids. It included Wes dodging Jen's punch, Jen punching Wes in the stomach a few times,  Jen triping Wes up, Wes blocking one of her kicks...

Jen does a jumping spin kickJen jumps from a wooden box

...Jen then does a jumping spin kick which Wes moves away from. She then tries to trip him up again but he rolls out of the way, so she runs up a wooden box and jumps off landing on top of Wes, she then turns him around...

Jen grabs WesWes is thrown into wooden boxes by Evil Jen

...and grabs him by his shirt, Wes then tells her thats shes under a spell and that they're both on the same side. Jen then throws him into some wooden boxes.




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