Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Ninja Steel 8 - "Caught Red-Handed"

UK Premiere Airdate: 12 September 2018

Pop added they're own commercial break by fading the camping scene to black and then fading in from black at the beginning of the school scene.

By adding the commercial break above they removed the horizontal wipe that transitioned between the two scenes.


The 19 second sequence of the red ranger accessing the Lion fire armour and performing the Lion Fire flame strike was darkened to reduce the flashing light effects. LEFT: Original US images, RIGHT: UK darkened images.


Two shots of the Megazord firing the final strike were played in slow motion to reduce the flashing light effects. The end of the second shot was trimmed removing more blasts which also meant the rest of the episode kept to the correct timing.




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