Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Turbo 4 - "Shadow Rangers"

Jetix Magazine dvd 16: 2005

When Chromite first attacks the rangers this 1 second shot of him hitting Adam with both of his hands causing him to fly backwards was cut.


This shot from Chromite's point of view running towards the rangers and punching Kat in the stomach was cut. Then the start of the very next shot which began with the camera zooming out was trimmed to remove the close up of his punch and Kat falling down.


The end of this shot of the yellow shadow ranger was trimmed before we see her start to punch. The start of the very next shot was also trimmed to remove the yellow shadow ranger punching Tommy which knocks him to the ground.


The end of another shot gets trimmed removing the Yellow shadow ranger hitting Tommy with a spin kick to the chest.




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