Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 19 - "The Sealing Symbol"

UK Premiere Airdate: 14 October 2012

Reuses the opening sequence from episode 17 instead of the all new US one which means we don't get these shots of Lauren demorphing, the gold ranger attacking Gigertox and the blue ranger activating the black box. In the US opening these three shots replace the "Rick Medina as Deker" section as Deker was defeated in the last episode.

We also don't get these two shots of Lauren unmorphed and as the super red ranger.
Plus we still only get one shot of Master Xandred's ship rising out of the Sanzu river instead of two and the shot zooming into Serrator which is no longer included in the US opening.
Shot not used.


Master Xandred fires at the rangers causing an explosion in front of them, this shot of the yellow and green ranger getting engulfed in the smoke and flames was removed. The following shot of the green ranger in Shark Attack mode was trimmed at the beginning which showed flames disappearing to reveal the green ranger.


This close up shot of Master Xandred putting Dayu's robe over his shoulder and saying "You served me well" was removed. Looks like this was more to remove his dialogue than the robe.


Spin sword towards the camera.When super red ranger stabs Master Xandred with his spin sword at the end of the episode they removed this point of view shot of him stabbing his sword towards the camera, the following shot of Master Xandred in pain which then moves down to show the spin sword in his chest was also removed.

Master Xandred in pain.Spin sword in Master Xandred's chest.




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