Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 17 - "The Great Duel"

UK Premiere Airdate: 7 October 2012

Reuses the opening sequence from the previous episode instead of the new US one which means we don't get these two shots of Lauren unmorphed and as the super red ranger.
As they just reused the previous opening sequence means we still only get one shot of Master Xandred's ship rising out of the Sanzu river instead of two and the shot zooming into Serrator.


Dialogue trimmed due to commercial break.After Jayden and Mentor Ji are hit over the cliff by Deker Jayden checks on him by saying "Ji are you ok?", but as we've just came back from a commercial break we didn't here Jayden saying "Ji" the first time as it was over a black screen. His full dialogue was "Ji, Ji are you ok?".


Shot removed.Shot trimmed.

During the fire smasher flashback they removed the close up shot of Jayden's hand being forced off of the handle then they trimmed the start off of the following quick shot which showed Jayden from the front being knocked backwards, all you saw was his arm falling down.


Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.This shot of super red ranger Lauren protecting the other rangers from Gigertox was darkened to reduce the flashing light effects.


Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.

This 10 second shot of super red ranger Lauren firing the Super Bullzooka and Gigertox getting hit by it was darkened to reduce the flashing light effects.


Activating the mega blades.Blades folding open.Blades extending out of the top.Close up of all five blades.

Just before the megazord does the jumping sword slash they removed the short super mega blade sequence which showed the rangers activating them, the blades folding open and extending out the top followed by a close up of all five blades.




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