Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 16 - "Fight Fire With Fire"

UK Premiere Airdate: 6 October 2012

The original opening sequence has been replaced with the cut version that starts by trimming off the first 4 seconds removing seven shots, four of which were the rangers pointing their spin swords at the camera.
The original US opening sequence also added one shot and removed one shot, first they added the shot of Master Xandred's ship rising out of the Sanzu river and removed the shot zooming into Serrator. The UK version still only has one shot of the ship and the Serrator shot.


US VersionUK version: zoomed shot to remove sword
This shot of Dayu putting her sword up to Fiera's neck was zoomed into to completely removed sight of her sword whatsoever. Pic 1: Original US Version, Pic 2: UK Zoomed Version.
US VersionUK version: zoomed shot to remove sword
Seconds later another shot was zoomed into to remove sight of Dayu's sword at Fiera's neck.


Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.

During the Megazord battle with Giant Fiera two shots were darkened to reduce flashing light effects, these shots showed the rangers inside the megazord while it was getting attacked and the zords breaking loose.


Slow motion usedDuring the female red ranger's mega blade sequence they removed a close up shot that moves along the mega blade and ends on the blade then they showed the following shot of the female red ranger in slow motion to cover it so no time would be lost.




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