Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 14 - "A Crack In The World"

UK Premiere Airdate: 29 September 2012

The first 4 seconds of the opening sequence has been trimmed removing seven shots, four of which were the rangers pointing their spin swords at the camera.


The end of this shot showing Serrator swinging Deker's sword Uramasa to clear the dirt off of it was trimmed to remove sight of the blade being close to the screen.


As Serrator battles the rangers Deker appears behind him with his sword at Serrator's back. This close up shot of the sword turning was removed and Deker's Dialogue: "You know why I'm here" was moved onto the next shot which was also slowed down just enough to cover the removed shot so no time was lost.


The megazord neck-strap shot was shown in slow motion and only shows the eyes light up with the neck-strap already attached, you don't see both ends joining together then tightening around the neck. No audio is lost.


Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.This 5 second sequence showing Serrator firing at and hitting the rangers with laser blasts was darkened to reduce the flashing light effects. During the first shot you can see the effect being switched on just as Serrator fires. 

Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.Darkened to reduce flashing light effects.


Close up of blades.During the Yellow and Pink ranger's split screen mega blade sequence, this close up shot of their blades was removed and the shot before and after this one were shown in slow motion so no time would be lost.




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