Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 10 - "The Strange Case of the Munchies"

UK Premiere Airdate: 15 September 2012

During the opening sequence the usual four shots of the rangers pointing their weapons at the screen have been edited, Each shot starts with the ranger's sword coming round but before you see the blade being pointed at the screen Nickelodeon replay the same part again but this time in reverse giving it a bounce effect. These shots are shown uncut during the opening sequence of Samurai and also appear in the Nickelodeon bumpers for the show.


This five ranger split-screen shot of the rangers pointing their swords at the camera during the morph sequence was removed.


Grinotaur attacks with his sword....Yellow ranger gets hit.
Grinotaur attacks with his sword again....Yellow ranger gets hit again.

4 shots showing Grinotaur slashing the yellow ranger twice with his sword and her getting hit twice was removed.


Super Yellow ranger spinning around.As the Super Yellow ranger attacks Grinotaur with her Super Primate Cyclone they trimmed the start of this shot which showed her spinning around very fast close to the Camera.




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