Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 9 - "Runaway Spike"

UK Premiere Airdate: 9 September 2012

Old opening used but darkened.Old opening used but darkened.
The opening sequence from the SAMURAI episode "Room For One More" was shown instead of the correct Super Samurai opening. So this uses all the old shots and no Super Samurai, Black Box, Bullzord, Lightzord or Super Samurai Megazord is shown. It does show the spin swords pointing at the screen at the beginning uncut but this was always shown on Samurai. As this is an old opening it brings back the usual mega blade edit and only reads Samurai on the logo, the complete opening has also been darkened to reduce the flashing light effects.


Deker runs fingers across sword.As Deker and Dayu are in the woods waiting for Serrator this shot of Deker running his fingers across the blade of his sword was removed. This also removes his dialogue in which he says "If he can fix my sword, I will mind the wait, My urge to use it is overwhelming".


Duplicator fires at the rangers. Sequence Darkened...the rangers get hit. Sequence Darkened.

This 6 second sequence of Duplicator firing at the rangers and them getting hit then falling over was darkened to reduce the flashing light effects.


Light shines in Duplicator's face. Sequence Darkened.Megazord battle. Sequence Darkened.

The full 5 minutes and 53 second action section at the end of the episode featuring the Lightzord shining light in Duplicator's face, the Super Pink Ranger and the megazord battle was darkened to reduce flashing light effects.


Darkened Effect Comparison
Darkened Effect OnDarkened Effect Off

To show the difference between the darkened effect and the original here they are side by side. The first image is from the above sequence and features the darkened effect, the Second image is from two minutes later after they have turned off the effect. To save time they put the effect on the complete sequence instead of only on the individual shots as the shot above does not contain flashing lights and should not require the darkened effect.




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