Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 2 - "Shell Game"

UK Premiere Airdate: 18 August 2012

Mike slices at a watermelon....watermelon half's in two.
Kevin throws coconut into the air....Kevin slices coconut in half.

24 seconds was removed from the beginning of the very first scene as this showed Mike jumping in and slicing a watermelon with his spin sword then Kevin throws a coconut into the air and slices it in half with his spin sword.


Opening sequence cuts.The opening sequence is edited the same as episode 1, please see the Episode 1: "Super Samurai" page for more details.


The green ranger's forest spear footage gets paused so you dont see the blade extending out the top, all you do see is the top of the forest spear and the green background. No audio is lost.


Neck-strap shot was removed....sword appearing also removed.

During the megazord combine sequence the shots of the neck-strap and his sword appearing were removed.


Extending Super Mega Blade.Close up of the Super Mega Blade.
Extending Mega Blades.Close up of the Mega Blades.

The 12 second mega blade sequence was completely removed. It featured the Super Mega Blue ranger activating and opening his Mega Blade, a shot of the blade extending out the top then a close up of the blade. It also removed his dialogue "Being a Super samurai has its advantages, Super Mega Blade". This was followed by the other four ranger's saying "Mega Blade" then activating their mega blades, folding them open, the blades extending out the top then a close-up of all four blades.


Extending Mega Blade.Close up of the Mega Blade.

The Red ranger's 5 second mega blade scene was also removed, It showed him spinning it, activating and opening it, the blade extending out the top followed by a close up of the blade. His dialogue "Right, We've got a message for you Nighlok, You've wore out your welcome here" was also removed.




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