Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Super Samurai 1 - "Super Samurai"

UK Premiere Airdate: 12 August 2012

During the opening sequence these four shots of the rangers pointing their weapons at the screen have been edited, Each shot starts with the ranger's sword coming round but before you see the blade being pointed at the screen Nickelodeon replay the same part again but this time in reverse giving it a bounce effect. These shots are shown uncut during the opening sequence of Samurai and also appear in the Nickelodeon bumpers for the show.


The Opening Sequence

This is the opening sequence from episode 5 "The Rescue" which has been put on to the first four UK episodes. In the US the first four episodes used a slightly different (early) version which did not feature the shots of Serrator or the Light Zord. The changes below are more of a comparison between the US episodes 1 "Super Samurai" and episode 5 "The Rescue".

Master Xandred's ship risesThe first shot of Master Xandred's ship rising out of the Sanzu river was removed leaving just one shot of the ship.

SerratorThis shot zooming into Serrator was added into the UK version. (appears in the US episode 5 opening and onwards).

Red Super Samurai Ranger.This wide shot of the Super red ranger swinging his fired up spin sword as he runs towards us with defeated Moogers lying down in the background was removed.

The Light ZordThis shot of the Light Zord was added into the UK version. (appears in the US episode 5 opening and onwards).




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