Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 20 - "The Ultimate Duel"

UK Premiere Airdate: 17 November 2011

Dayu cryingDuring the recap of the last episode the shot of Dayu crying was removed and so was Mia's dialogue "This must be her dream".


US versionUK version: zoomed shot to remove sword

A close-up of Deker's sword moving up as the camera follows it then finally stops to show Deker holding it was trimmed to remove the sword moving up. The part that was shown they zoomed into it to remove sight of the sword pointing at the camera. Pic 1: US Version, Pic 2: UK Version.


ClawzordOctozord and the battle wing megazord

Version 5 of the opening was reused (with the mega blade edit) instead of the new sixth version which means we don't get shots of the Clawzord, Octozord or the battle wing megazord.


Each ranger's morphing sequence was trimmed to remove these shots of them holding their swords close to the camera. During the edits the audio also fades out then in again very quickly. The strange thing is that the first four shots are used in the opening sequence.


Deker tries to stab the red rangerRed ranger rolls out the way of Deker's sword

After Deker trips the red ranger in the water they trimmed off the end of the shot in which Deker tries to stab him twice with his sword. The following two shots with the red ranger rolling out of the way as Deker tries to stab him again and a close-up of Deker was also removed.


During the megazord combine sequence the shots of the neck-strap and his sword appearing were removed.


The end of a shot showing the Megazord lowering his sword was trimmed to remove sight of the sword being pointed at the camera.




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