Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 19 - "Broken Dreams"

UK Premiere Airdate: 16 November 2011

ClawzordOctozord and the battle wing megazord

Version 5 of the opening was reused (with the mega blade edit) instead of the new sixth version which means we don't get shots of the Clawzord, Octozord or the battle wing megazord.


Dayu cryingDayu surrounded by fire

When Mia is in Dayu's dream the last 10 seconds was removed, it showed Dayu crying and surrounded by fire.


Swords close to cameraDuring the gold and red ranger's split screen morph, it fades as they pull out their swords straight to them posing. This was to remove this shot of them holding their swords close to the camera.


Shot 1: Deker draws his swordShot 2: Blade close to camera

Shot 3: Blade pointed at cameraShot 4: Blade pointed towards the rangers

When Human Deker appears at the end to challenge Jayden, 12 seconds was removed which included 4 shots of Deker drawing his sword and pointing it towards the camera and the rangers. Instead of using a straight cut they used a fade which if you watch closely you can see part of shot 4 and then shot 1 during the fade.




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