Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 17 - "The Tengen Gate"

UK Premiere Airdate: 14 November 2011

No gold ranger in the UK openingmega blade was shown uncut

Version 4 of the opening was reused instead of the new sixth version which means we don't get shots of the gold ranger, Clawzord, Octozord or the battlewing megazord. The close up of the mega blade was shown uncut.


Close up of the large spinning disc in the gold ranger's clawzord was covered up with a slow motion shot of the gold ranger (which was taken from a few seconds after this edit).


Blades extend out the top..Close-up of all five blades.

8 seconds was removed from the mega blade scene which showed the red ranger spinning his mega blade, a group shot of all 5 rangers activating them, the blades folding open and extending out the top, a close-up shot of all five blades, red ranger waving it about and finally a 4 ranger group shot of them waving their blades about.


Blade extends out the top

While the green ranger battles moogers in the forest his 7 second forest spear shot was completely removed, This is the first time that they've cut the complete shot as they usually just trim off the blade extending out the top.


Arachnitor fires towards the cameraRangers are hit by the blast

As the yellow and blue rangers battle with Arachnitor, Nickelodeon cut 4 seconds of him firing blasts towards the camera, the blasts approaching the rangers and two shots of them being hit by the blasts.


Arachnitor is tortured by Master XandredA Spitfang appears

20 seconds showing Arachnitor being tortured by Master Xandred, Moogers growing bigger, the Spitfangs appearing, various shots containing the lightning effect and Arachnitor falling over was removed. This cut also removes Master Xandred's dialogue "your plan was to steal my throne, if you want power so badly, have a taste of mine" and also Octoroo's dialogue "oh ho, something big's happening".




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