Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 16 - "Team Spirit"

UK Premiere Airdate: 7 October 2011

ClawzordOctozord and the battle wing megazord

The first version of the opening (with the mega blade edit) was reused instead of the new sixth version which included shots of the Clawzord, Octozord and the battle wing megazord.


As the rangers battle with Splitface he hits two rangers then splits into smaller pieces which then fly over to the other rangers and join back together. Nickelodeon cut 1 second out the middle of this shot which showed the smaller pieces of Splitface flying past the camera.


As the giant moogers fire arrows at the Claw battlezord west, this shot of the gold ranger inside being hit while the screen shakes was removed.


Gold ranger in the clawzord spins the large disc then it spins again to activate Claw battlezord South, Nickelodeon removed the second shot of it spinning.


Activating the mega bladeblade extends out the top

The gold ranger's 5 second mega blade sequence was completely removed, It included a close-up of him activating it, the mega blade folding open then the blade extending out the top followed by a close-up of the blade and a shot of him waving it about.




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