Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 14 - "Room For One More"

UK Premiere Airdate: 4 October 2011

Original Japanese gold ranger usedGold ranger morph sequence shot used

The shot of the gold ranger on Antonio's credit screen was changed to a shot from his morph sequence instead of a shot from the original Japanese show. The white flag behind him with the logo on it is not used in Power Rangers Samurai, That and he swings his barracuda blade around.


During the opening this close-up shot of the red ranger's mega blade has been covered up to remove sight of the blade. It starts with the ranger's arm coming round but before you see the blade they replay the same part again but in reverse, no audio was lost. Looks like this edit will be done on all episodes, but it has been missed a few times.


This is a strange edit. While the rangers are talking outside there's a shot of Jayden turning around to look at the flashing gap sensor. The strange part is they trimmed the end of this shot, all it removed was the camera moving very quickly from Jayden towards the sensor.


Flying barracuda bladeGold ranger catches blade

During the gold ranger's morph sequence they removed the shot of his barracuda blade flying in and trimmed the start of the following shot which showed him catching it.


During the morphing sequence this shot of the five rangers pointing their spin swords at the camera was removed.


The gold ranger's complete 21 second instant replay was removed. First the screen shrinks to reveal a dark border, the colour goes black and white then the battle rewinds and starts again. But this time it shows how he defeated all of the moogers using slow motion and close-up shots. This cut also removes the gold ranger saying "If that was to fast for you, here's an instant replay" and him describing the barracuda blade.


Barracuda bite, Blazing strikeSteeleto is hit by the blasts

Just as the gold and red rangers are about to destroy Steeleto they trimmed the end of the shot showing the gold ranger performing his barracuda bite next to the red ranger doing his blazing strike attack and Steeleto being hit by the blasts. This cut also removes Steeleto's dialogue "You don't have to be so snippy".


Starts with this pause shotThe megazord neck-strap is edited differently in this episode. Instead of trimming the start of the shot, it starts with a pause shot without the neck-strap then it plays as the eyes light up and the neck-strap just magically appears. No audio is lost.


Red ranger activates his mega blade..Gold ranger spins his mega blade..blades extend out the topblade extends out the top

The complete six ranger 20 second mega blade sequence was removed. Shots included: A five ranger group shot showing them spinning the blades around, individually activating them, the gold ranger spinning his mega blade and activating it, A five ranger group shot of the blades folding open and extending out the top followed by a close-up of all five blades, the gold ranger's mega blade folding open with the blade extending out the top followed by a close-up of the blade and finally a shot of the megazord's sword extending. Due to this cut some dialogue was also removed including the gold ranger saying "Lets take him out".




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