Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 13 - "Unexpected Arrival"

UK Premiere Airdate: 3 October 2011

UK finally get the new opening with DekerUK gets the uncut mega blade close-up

Finally we get the correct opening and not the reused cut version 1. Here we get version 4 which includes shots of Deker, the tiger zord and the samurai battle wing. It also includes the close-up shot of the mega blade.


When Jayden senses another presence and summons his spin sword they cut 6 seconds of him swinging the sword and stopping it close to Emily's face. He also says sorry to Emily. The first shot was used in the Samurai UK Promo 11 and the Samurai UK Bumpers 3.


A shot of Antonio running across a road without looking for traffic and Mike trying to catch him by running in the middle of the road was removed. Shot lasted 8 seconds.


Firing towards the camera....the rangers are hit by the blasts

As the rangers battle Vulpes they trimmed the end of a shot that shows Vulpes firing coloured blasts towards the camera then they trimmed the start of the following shot of his coloured blasts approaching and exploding behind the rangers covering them in a cloud of dust.


Slow motion slash

The gold ranger's complete 27 second instant replay was removed. First the screen shrinks to reveal a dark border, the colour goes black and white then the battle rewinds and starts again. But this time it shows how he defeated all of the moogers using slow motion and close-up shots.


Dialogue was removedAfter Antonio defeats a group of moogers and accidentally cuts down a few trees he looks at his barracuda blade, here they removed the audio of him saying "Man, this thing's sharper than I thought".


Blades extend out the topClose-up of all five blades

The mega blade group shot showing the blades folding open and extending out the top followed by a close-up shot of all five blades was removed.




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