Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 11 - "Test of the Leader"

UK Premiere Airdate: 4 June 2011

Tiger ZordSamurai Battle Wing

The first version of the opening (with the mega blade edit) was reused instead of the new fourth version which included shots of the tiger zord and the samurai battle wing.


Dubbed blue ranger's voice over shot of green ranger.

During the fight where all the moogers are going after the red ranger there's a shot of the green ranger in which they replaced the audio of him saying "aw it's creeping me out" with the blue ranger saying "hey, lets circle up to protect Jayden". The following shot of the blue ranger jumping upwards (where they took his dialogue from) and shots of all four ranger's jumping over the camera were removed, plus the start of the next shot was trimmed to remove the camera zooming out from the blue ranger's feet as he lands next to the others.


End of shot trimmed off.During the flashback of Jayden's father sealing Master Xandred, they trimmed 2 seconds off the end of this shot right after Master Xandred says "you'll regret ever trying to mess with my plans". Maybe they thought this was to distressful.


Sword pointed at red ranger's faceSword pointed at the camera

16 seconds was removed from the battle between the red ranger and deker as it featured Deker's sword being pointed at the red ranger's face and at the camera. It also removed lots of Deker's dialogue: "That was to easy, This isn't the battle I want, Robtish's double slash took too much out of you, Uramasa won't be satisfied unless your at your peak. Next time you will taste his slash".


Another 8 seconds was removed from the red ranger and Deker battle, right after Deker slashes the rock in two they trimmed the end of the shot and removed the following close-up of the red ranger. This was most likely done to remove Deker saying "Now go, you'll need to be at full strength to even have a chance against me" as this was a continuation from the dialogue they cut above.




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