Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 10 - "Forest for the Trees"

UK Premiere Airdate: 29 May 2011


The first version of the opening (with the mega blade edit) was reused instead of the new third version which included two shots of Deker.


Blade extends out the top

The green ranger's forest spear was trimmed to remove sight of the blade extending out the top. Looks like this shot will be removed in every episode.


Neck-strap joins togetherDuring the Megazord combine sequence the neck-strap attaching was trimmed, the part removed showed both ends joining together then tightening around the neck. They did keep the end of the shot which showed the neck-strap already attached.


Activating the mega blade..Blades ready to fold open..

Blades extend out the top..Close-up of all three blades.

Just before the rangers destroy Desperaino with the final strike in the megazord, 4 seconds was removed from the mega blade scene which showed the green, red and blue ranger's individually activating their mega blades followed by group shots of them folding open, the blade extending out the top and a close-up of all three blades.




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