Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 8 - "There Go The Brides"

UK Premiere Airdate: 22 May 2011

The first version of the opening (with the mega blade edit) was reused instead of the new second version which now includes the Beetle zord and the Swordfish zord. REPLAY NOTE: The correct opening was shown when replayed and included the new zords and the uncut mega blade shot.


10 seconds was removed from the start of Deker's scene as it included two close-up shots of his sword Uramasa. Due to this cut the start of Deker's dialouge was also removed, he said "Uramasa my trusty sword, you've reawaked and shine a new. This can only mean one thing for us.."

REPLAY NOTE: No audio was cut only the video was edited, The first close up of his sword was trimmed at the end so you only see the handle and not the blade. The second close-up was removed altogether and the following wide shot of Deker standing was played in slow motion to cover the gap.


Folded mega blade close to camera.Activating the mega blade..

Blade extends out the top..Close-up of blade.

During the blue ranger's mega blade scene they trimmed the end of the shot of him holding his folded mega blade close to the camera, then covered up him activating it, folding it open, the blade extending out the top and the close-up of the blade by using a shot of his disc spinning (which is from right after this edit) and a slow motion pan shot from the red ranger to the blue ranger (which was just shown at normal speed right before this edit).Due to this edit the audio is put out of sync when it returns to the original video.

REPLAY NOTE: They removed his whole mega blade section. Plus just before it they also removed a close-up of the megazord standing up and the short dialogue between the red and blue ranger's where red ranger says "Kevin" to which the blue ranger replies "I know what you're thinking...Swordfish zord".


Red ranger activates his mega blade..Yellow ranger activates her mega blade..

Blades extend out the top..Close-up of blades.

5 seconds was removed when the other four ranger's activated their mega blades including single shots of each ranger activating them, group shots folding them open, the blades extending out the top followed by a close-up of all four blades. They also reused a shot of the megazord from a few seconds ago.

REPLAY NOTE: All shots were shown when the episode was replayed. But seconds later they made an extra cut, when the megazord throws his sword up and it attaches to his head they trimmed the end of the shot as soon as it connects to remove the camera tilting upwards to show the blade.




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