Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 3 - "The Team Unites"

UK Premiere Airdate: 2 May 2011

After the rangers morph this close-up shot of the red ranger's spin sword was removed.


As the green ranger is running away from Rofer's long arms Nickelodeon cut this 7 second shot of him jumping over a car and continuing to run. Also missing is Rofer saying "You should never play in traffic".


Another spin sword removed, this time its the green ranger's after he defeats Rofer with his forest vortex.


During the Megazord combine sequence the neck-strap attaching was trimmed, the part removed showed both ends joining together then tightening around the neck. They did keep the end of the shot which showed the neck-strap already attached.


The end of a shot showing the Megazord lowering his sword was trimmed to remove sight of the sword being pointed at the camera.


Another shot of the Megazord was trimmed to remove sight of the sword being pointed at the camera. This shot started wide then zoomed into the face, they trimmed the start of the shot so it would begin closer in, cutting out the sword and leaving a very short zoom.


Mega blades folding open..Mega blades opened..

blades extend out the topclose-up of the blades

As the rangers are about to finish off Rofer with the Samurai Strike they spin their mega blades round then Nickelodeon cut the following 3 second sequence, This involved all five rangers folding open their mega blades, the blades then extend out of the top and a close-up shot of all five blades.


During the flashback at the end the red ranger stabs one of Rofer's arms in slow-motion and blood squirts out. Nickelodeon removed the blood by replacing this shot with the normal speed one from earlier in the episode (which didn't feature the blood). By doing this the flashback effect around the screen was also removed. As the shot was originally shown in slow-motion and they reused the normal speed shot, they also had to reused an earlier shot of the green ranger falling to the ground to fill in the time.




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