Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Samurai 1 - "Origins - Part 1"

UK Premiere Airdate: 2 December 2011

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During the battle between the red ranger and the moogers right at the start of the show, they cut this shot of the red ranger holding his spin sword as the light reflects off of it then he flips it over.


During the opening this close up shot of the red ranger's mega blade has been covered up to remove sight of the blade. It starts with the ranger's arm coming round but before you see the blade they replay the same part again but in reverse. The following shot of him spinning the disc also starts as a freeze frame before playing the shot as normal, This was just to fill in time so no audio would be lost. Looks like this edit will be done on all episodes, but it has been missed a few times.


During their first morphing sequence this shot of the five rangers pointing their spin swords at the camera was removed.


The end of a shot of the green ranger battling a mooger was trimmed which removed the green ranger slashing the mooger with his spin sword (strange as the hit is off-screen and you only see the sparks).


Blade extends out the top

Seconds after the above cut they trimmed a shot of the green ranger's forest spear to remove sight of the blade extending out the top. Looks like this shot will be removed in every episode.


Tooya's foot..Zord lands on Tooya's foot.

As the rangers are battling Tooya in their folding zords he grabs the green folding zord, but when it folds back and Tooya drops it they removed the shot of the zord landing on his foot. If you watch it in slow motion you can see two frames of the shot is still there.




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