Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Ninja Steel 9 - "Rocking and Rolling"

UK Premiere Airdate: 14 September 2017

The UK version reuses the same edited opening sequence from the previous episodes while the US version gets the new gold ranger opening sequence. It includes lots of new shots of Levi, the gold ranger, a group morph, six ranger team, new zords and the new megazord. The most important part that's wrong with this, is that actor Jordi Webber does not get credited for playing Levi. Audio is also different.

Opening Sequence Audio

Even though the same edited opening is used from episode 1, It now features the audio track from the new gold ranger opening which includes a few noticeably differences and sound effects. Here are just a few. First the sound of Cody's howl on Hayley's credit screen now starts before he even appears on-screen. (Thanks to SuperMMPR).

This shot of Redbot and Mick now includes two laser blast sound effects, These are from a shot of the gold ranger dodging and blocking blasts from hitting him in the US opening.
On this quick shot of the megazord hitting a skullgator the sound of an engine noise can be heard, This is actually from a shot of the gold ranger's zord driving in the US opening.


9 seconds was cut from when Stonedozer is destroying the building during Levi's concert. It showed the red and white ranger's escourting Levi out, The yellow ranger running onto the stage and telling the crowd "Everyone, Stay calm". Followed by the pink ranger using a microphone saying "We'll get you outta here", Then the blue ranger using another microphone telling everyone to "Head toward the exits".


Another 22 seconds was cut from Levi's concert scene showing the rangers helping people get out of the arena. It starts with the yellow ranger directing people to an exit as he says "Come on, out this way". The pink ranger says "Keep going, keep going" as she also directs people to an exit. As the blue ranger does the same he says "This way, as fast as you can". Back to the pink ranger as she directs the last of the people out and tells the others "That's everyone over here" as she exits. In the stairwell the white ranger directs everyone down while telling them "You're gonna be alright". Then as a woman falls to the ground the red ranger says to her "Don't worry, I got you. The exit's this way" as he helps her up.




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