Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Lightspeed Rescue 19 - "The Queen's Return"

Vipra kicks RyanVipra throws Ryan over the railing

14 seconds of Ryan getting caught spying by Vipra was cut by Fox Kids. It included them kicking each other and Vipra throwing Ryan over a railing to the ground.


Red ranger takes on a BatlingRed ranger fights the Batlings

The blue and yellow rangers shoot the monsterThe monster shoots the blue ranger

The pink ranger tries to catch Vipra but....Vipra kicks the pink ranger down the stairs

31 seconds of fighting was cut by Fox Kids. It included the red ranger fighting the Batlings, the blue and yellow rangers shooting a monster then being shot by the monster, the green ranger jumping away from Vipra, the pink ranger tries to catch Vipra but gets kicked down the stairs plus more of the red ranger and the Batlings.


The Megazord opens fireThe monster falls over and explodes

The last 10 seconds of the Megazord fight was cut by Fox Kids. This showed the Megazord firing at the monster and the monster falling to the ground then exploding.




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