Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Lost Galaxy 27 - "Loyax' Last Battle"

The pink and red ranger get shot through the airThe red and pink ranger fight the Sting Wingers

23 seconds was cut by Jetix. This included a second shot of the pink and red rangers flying through the air and landing on the ground after being shot by Deviot, they also have a short fight with the Sting Wingers...

The blue and green ranger are ready to fightThe green and blue ranger take on the Sting Wingers
...the blue and green rangers also get to fight the Sting Wingers...
Loyax grabs the yellow rangers saber and flips her overLoyax flips the yellow ranger over on to the ground
...and the start of the fight between the yellow ranger and Loyax in which she jumps into the air and Loyax grabs her saber then flips her over to the ground was also cut.




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