Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Jungle Fury 25 - "One Last Second Chance"

Kix Premiere Airdate: 10 March 2013

Blue ranger bounces off the bonnetBlue ranger lands on the ground

As the Bat spirit ranger and the blue ranger battle they jump off of some scaffolding and while in mid air the Bat spirit ranger punches the blue ranger, Kix then cut the following two shots which showed the Bat spirit ranger safely landing on a car roof while the blue ranger bounces off the bonnet of the car on to the ground.


Red ranger lands on some boxesRed ranger lands on some boxes

While the red ranger and the Rhino ranger are battling Unidoom, the red ranger gets kicked away, the following shot of him crash landing into some boxes and barrels was removed.


Red ranger flys towards the wooden palettesRed ranger lands on the wooden palettes

Still battling Unidoom both the red ranger and the Rhino ranger are thrown in separate directions, this shot of the red ranger hitting into a stack of wooden palettes and falling to the ground was cut.




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