Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Jungle Fury 14 - "Ghost Of A Chance II"

Kix Premiere Airdate: 22 February 2013

Dai Shi's animal spirit attacks RJ..RJ is thrown through the air
RJ hits the cage wallRJ falls to the ground.

Kix made four cuts to the Dai Shi vs RJ battle, The first showed Dai Shi's animal spirit attacking RJ which sends him flying into the cage then landing on the ground.


Dai Shi grabs RJDai Shi knees RJ in the stomach
Dai Shi knees RJ in the stomachDai Shi punches RJ in the face

Here RJ blocks a punch then pushes another one away. Dai Shi then grabs RJ, knees him in the stomach then punches him in the face.


RJ blocks a punchDai Shi's arm goes through the cage

RJ blocks two punches then dodges another one causing Dai Shi's arm to go through the cage.


RJ is thrown through the airRJ lands on the ground

After Dai Shi throws RJ this shot of him landing was removed.


Yellow ranger punches Dai ShiDai Shi elbows the yellow ranger's arm

When Dai Shi is fighting all three rangers at the same time they cut 4 seconds of him attacking the yellow ranger, She punches his stomach twice but it doesn't hurt him then he elbows her arm.


Dai Shi kicks the yellow rangerThe yellow ranger falls to the ground

Also during this battle Dai Shi kicks all three rangers to the ground separately, but here Kix removed the two shots of the yellow ranger being kicked and her falling to the ground.




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