Cuts made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Jungle Fury 3 - "Sigh Of The Tiger"

Kix Premiere Airdate: 17 February 2013

Close up of Buffalord hitting the yellow rangerYellow ranger flys into some barrels

As the blue and yellow rangers battle Buffalord he charges towards the yellow ranger hitting a group of Rinshi first then with his horns he rams into the yellow ranger, the following close up shot of him ramming the yellow ranger with his horns and a shot of her flying into a stack of barrels were removed.


Buffalord throws the blue rangerBlue ranger lands on the ground

Seconds later, Just after Buffalord has hit the blue ranger through some tin boxes three shots were removed. The first was just a shot of Buffalord, the second was a close up of Buffalord grabbing the blue ranger as he lay on the ground and the third showed Buffalord throwing the blue ranger through the air and landing on the ground.




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