Cuts and edits made to episodes before they were shown on UK tv.




Dino Fury 106 - "Superstition Strikes"

UK Premiere Airdate: 8 September 2021

This episode premiered without a commercial break but Pop have created a space for one for future airings. As Void Knight starts to repair the stolen morpher Pop faded to black, They then faded back in from black at the beginning of the next scene where Ollie is helping to wash the windows.


This shot of the black ranger performing a jumping saber slash was shown in slow motion to reduce the flashing light effects. To fit the now longer shot in Pop trimmed the start of the next shot by less than a second (8 frames) which began on his feet as he lands from his jump then performs one more saber slash.


Less than a second (14 frames) was trimmed from the end of this shot of the black ranger holding his saber, maybe due to the light effect on the right of the screen? even though it also appeared on the other ranger's shots without it being a problem.


While firing at the rangers Smashstone hits the ground next to the green ranger throwing her into air. The following 1 second shot of her smashing into the side of a car then falling to the ground was removed.




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