Notepad & Pen Set

Jungle Fury Notepad & Pen Set


Blank 32 page notepad and a ball point pen with "Jungle Strike" printed on it.

Pencil & Eraser Set

Jungle Fury Pencil & Eraser Set


Contains 4 pencils, 2 erasers and 2 pencil toppers.

Scribble Set

Jungle Fury Scribble Set


Includes a pencil, 35 page scribble pad and an eraser in the shape of the blue ranger's helmet which is coloured red.

Pen & Memo Set

Jungle Fury Pen & Memo Set


Contains ball pen and helmet shaped memo pad.

Pencil Case

Jungle Fury Pencil Case


Barrel shaped pencil case with zip at the top.

Fold Out Pencil Case

Jungle Fury Fold Out Pencil Case


Contains a pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener, ruler, felt-tip pens, coloured pencils, two maths rulers and a notepad.

Stationery Pack

Jungle Fury Stationery Pack


Contains a pencil, sharpener, eraser, clip, glue stick, ruler and a notepad.

Mini Art Pack

Jungle Fury Mini Art Pack


Contains Paintbrush, pencil, 6 water colour paints, eraser, sharpener, 6 coloured pencils & 3 mini posters.




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